Traditionally, Sunday is a day of rest. So that means resting your mind, body and soul before the busy rush of the week. Here how to have a relaxing Sunday.

I’m writing this after just finishing a gruelling training session at the gym, where every muscle in my body is killing me. It feels good for pushing myself, but my goodness I am so sore.

So all I want to do right now is to go back to bed and to relax. Let my poor body recover before I start all over again tomorrow. Hashtag: #poorme.

Anyway as I’m in the mood for relaxing and not doing a lot, I thought I would share with you on how to have a relaxing Sunday. Cause, let be honest. We all need that one day to let ourselves recovered from whatever stresses we were faced with during the week. Whether it an intense gym workout, or being manic at work. I still believe Sunday is traditionally a day of rest. So spend that day relaxing and let your mind, body and soul to recover before going on that treadmills again.

Here are how to have a relaxing Sunday:

Turn off your phone:

(Or at least put it in a drawer.) Spent Sunday without your phone for one day. You will feel better as it gives your eyes a rest from the bright screen. There no need to check on Facebook or Instagram constantly, there really isn’t.

Try not to glare at the screen too much:

This also does relate to my next tips, try to on a Sunday not glare at a screen too much. Give your eyes a rest and stop them getting sore. Spend one day not watching TV, looking at computer screen, and especially not looking at your phone screen.

Listen to white ambient noise/music:

Switch, on Spotify or whatever music streaming service you use – white ambient/noise music. I sometimes listen to the sound of rain and it so peaceful. Just lay back on your sofa (or bed) and take in the noise of the white noise/music.

Do a fun brainless activity:

Something that doesn’t require much brain power. You could paint, write, or even bake some cookies. An activity that will keep you occupied while also relaxes you.

Power Nap:

When I finally had Sunday free to relax on (as previously I would always work on a Sunday!), I would spend the day in bed. I know I’m lucky to have this luxury and can spend the day in bed if I choose. But if you got that one day free and their no one else at home, then go to bed and have a power nap. I always feel more energized after a power nap, what about you?


What are your tips on how to have a relaxing Sunday?

how to have a relaxing Sunday