How To Grow Long Hair


There is one thing that I keep getting asked about from people is how did I grow such long hair? As I mentioned in my hair story blog post that I always had very long hair, no matter whether I cut it or not, it still grow and grow; think of it as modern day Rapunzel but without the tower and the crazy old lady. I don’t think I drank any special mysterious potion or gone under any curse, I just think I’m very lucky. If you want to grow your hair long especially if you want to do it in a certain style or find yourself even struggling to grow your hair, here are all my top tips.

Drink water and eat healthy. It may sound boring to hear but honestly, drinking water and not eating much junk foods will give you a healthy body, a healthy mind and most certainly healthy hair. I drink TONS of water, in fact that all I ever drink, I never drank frizzy sugary drink when I was younger as I didn’t like the taste.
 Getting split ends cut will keep ends nice and healthy. Whilst you sit there thinking that getting your ends cut will totally defy the object of getting your hair longer, a trip to your hairdressers will actually in fact help you a ton in growing your hair as it will strengthen ends and make your hair have a nicer appearance.
Use a wide tooth comb or Tangle Teaser as they don’t rip your hair and brush from bottom to top. No one wants tangled broken hair so a wide tooth comb is always the best for long hair, no matter what type of hair you have thick or fine, a wide tooth comb will always be your saviour.
Use shampoo and conditioner for you hair type and massage your scalp whilst they’re on. It simply leaves your hair feeling nice and more ‘full’.
Protect your hair from the sun. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays present in sunlight can strip your hair down and damage it over time. In general, try to minimize your exposure to direct sunlight or tanning beds to no more than a few hours a day. When you are in the sun though, keep your hair under wraps in a hat or scarf.
Minimize your stress. High stress levels minimizes your health, and poor health inhibits hair growth. The solution? Deal with your stress so that it doesn’t have an effect on the length of your hair! Take the time that you need to help yourself detox from life’s anxieties, and you’ll be growing luscious locks in no time.
Don’t wash your hair everyday because it get rid of oils wash it every 2/3 days if your hair is very long (like mine!). Whilst many people wash their hair every day, this is another extremely bad thing you can do. Whilst many people say ‘ew’ at not washing it everyday, people like me say ‘ew’ at actually washing it every day because every time you wash it, the oils get removed from your hair and this can be a big help in not growing your hair. So, I  tend to wash my hair every 2/3 days because of the length and my hectic schedule!
A cold water splash on your hair just before you come out of the shower gets hair looking shiny. Its true! I once tried this tip after reading it in a magazine many years ago and whilt did make my hair all glossy,my head felt cold and I got a headache.
 What tips do you use to keep your hair looking nice and lovely? Is there any particular products you use that you want to share then leave a comment! I read and reply to them all and I love hearing about new things!

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How To Grow Long Hair

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