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In the second part of my marketing & blogging series, I will be explaining to you on what make a good working WordPress theme. Having a working WordPress theme will benefit your site massively, for example if it a business website it will impact on how customers view your business and if you’re a blogger it will also impact on how people read your site. I spend a lot of my time explaining to my clients the massive benefit of using WordPress, what I don’t explain so much on what theme or style to choose from.

I’m going to skip over the explanation of what a WordPress theme is, as I’m sure you already know the basic stuff. So you have set up the WordPress site and you have come face to face with the basic bog standard theme that is already installed – what next and how to choose. Here are 4 tips to be aware of when choosing a theme.


This simple means that the site will change to fit the size of screen you’re viewing it on. What this mean is in today’s world where everyone has a phones or a tablets the site layout need to fit on those screen devices without it losing any important data. I know myself there is nothing worst going on a website on your phone where all you want is telephone number and having to scroll around. A client website I helps designed a few months ago, 80% of the traffic is from mobile devices which in turned has pulled in more business.  A lot of newer blog templates are now built with responsive in mind, and will say in the description on whether it’s a responsive layout.


Do any of you remember the awful myspace layout? The flashing gif background and the black text on a black layout!! Fortunately that trends soon disappeared to the clean interface of Facebook. Currently the trend in web design is for minimal templates, with white background and big pictures. Now think about this – if you are on a site with a dark background and light coloured text, would you stick around or hit the ‘back button’ on your browser? I think you wouldn’t as it would give a headache trying to make sense of it all. It’s well documented that light-coloured text causes eye strain and headaches, and I’m guessing giving people a headache isn’t the top of your list. There a reason why all books are printed on white paper and black ink.


Most pre-made themes can be customised to some extent if you’re not familiar with advanced html coding. For example a very basic theme might allow you change around some pre-made colour scheme while, there are others that will let you change almost every aspect of your site appearance. This is a case of what you want really and how much you’re willing to pay as there are theme which change your site appearances, tend to be more expensive but give you more versatility.

Where to buy theme?

A good place to buy a theme is Themeforest, which is basically a giant marketplace where people can buy and sell themes. This site is especially good for more business website and there is an option for someone to customised it for you, but why do that when I can do it for you.


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How To Choose a WordPress Theme

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