I think it safe to say, this simple statement carries a lot of weight. It, not an easy thing to do. But here how to believe in yourself and how you climb Mount Everest.

Well, it true, this simple 5 letters statement really does carries a lot of weight. There a nice little quote that I’ve comes across that summed up what I mean by the statement carrying weights:

When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” ~Honore de Balzac

We all heard from various people in our lives, that you can’t do it, you will never be good enough, you are going to fail.

It never a nice thing to say to anyone, or hearing it from people. It almost taunting and even crushing person hopes and dreams.

A teacher once told me, that I will never ever be a journalist or be paid to write. That same teacher told me I would never be married, or if I did he would be ugly, fat and spotty. Ummm yeah that a nice thing to say to an impressable 16 years old.

I made a promise to myself and prove that teacher wrong. I ended up studying and graduating from fashion journalism and I also got married. And my husband is fat, ugly or spotty.

The lesson learnt with this is you should never let other people criticism bring you down and give rise to self-doubt.

I suppose I learned this from an early age from both of my parents, my mum had own school while my dad had his own publishing/printing company. They were both told that their business wouldn’t be a success. Well, they must have done something right for both of their relatively business to runs for 40+ years. They only walked away due to retirement.

I was lucky and had role models and I could look up to my parents, especially when self-doubt overtake me. However, I know not everyone is lucky.

Self-doubt can eat at you like a zombie fungus infection. Destroying your confident and your inability to move on in life.

While naïve people will say, think positive and chin up it not that bad. You try to fight back and be positive – only for that self-doubt to fight even harder.

I don’t have a solution on how to fight self-doubt. Only you will know what to do. But if you feel like you are stuck in a vortex of black clouds swirling around you, with nowhere out; then go and talk to someone. Don’t fight this on your own.

But I can give you some self-tips on how to believe in yourself. It’s a mind over matter stance when you lack confidence, self-esteem and especially when no one else believes in you. Because, if it helps – I believe in you and know you can do it.

 Believed that change is possible:

A fundamental belief that changes are possible. Life is a flowing endless stream and nothing last forever. Remember that.  If you hate school, work or that bitch from tap dancing, they won’t be in your life forever. Take a moment and believe that changes are possible every single day. Nothing stays still.

Be Brave:

I think the first step on how to believe in yourself is being brave. Putting on a suit of armour and facing your fear. Stand up to a bullying teacher, or an evil work manager. Speak up and be prepared to fight back. Being brave is not an easy thing to do but once the battle is over, you will feel so much freer.

Nurture your good side:

Don’t concrete on your bad side, focus instead on your good side. What makes you amazing and so great as a person? You might be rubbish at sports – but brilliant in English. Concrete on your brilliance in English. You might very well be the next JK Rowling. If you are a kind hearted person, then nurture it and help other people. Life will reward you.

Take time out:

If everything getting too stressful or too much – take time out. Go on a holiday or have a few calming days at home. Give your mind a rest and let your body recover. Once you take time out you will find your confidence and self-esteem improve.

Those are only a few simple tips on how to believe in yourself. Do you have any to add? I’m always available via emails if you need a friendly ear to talk to.

how to believe in yourself