If you’re not use to traveling alone or always travelled somewhere in a group or on a package holiday, it can be a scary thing to do. Here are how to be brave when traveling on your own for the first time.

Well it can be, the scariest thing in the world if you never travelled anywhere on your own before. Or if you have never traveled off the beaten track. There are people who swear by the rules of traveling in a group or only going on a package holiday. I have relatives and just general people talking to me where they have said they would never travel outside a group or off the beaten tracks. And that is fine – nothing wrong with it. If that you leveled of comfort, then I have no quelled.

If you haven’t guessed already, we all know which categories I fall into. I mean I have been known to spontaneously go somewhere on my own. Remember that Oxford trip from last year?

People at the time thought I was mad – simple mad!  Going somewhere on you own! Why on earth would I do that? My answer is – well why not?

I also faced criticism from people when I went interrailing round Europe, ok I didn’t do that on my own, did it with my husband – but I dared to go off the beaten tracks and planned it ourselves. I didn’t use a package holiday or booked it through a travel agent. We just packed a backpack and went off on our own.

In my opinion, there are people who viewed the world as being a big scary place and it safer in numbers – then on your own. You see, I don’t view the world as a big scary place, I see it full of wonder and it no wonder I have the travel bug.

Well it might be safer in number, often it safer on your own and making plans as you go alone. Ok for some, this sound completely stupid and I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Ok for example If something went wrong on a package holiday and you’re in a group, often that group can get delayed or have problems going somewhere – where if you are your own you can source a solution or avoid any delayed, usually just by looking at a map on the phone.

It all very well – me saying I’m ok with travelling off the beaten track and going off on my own. However, I know there are some who would like to do this but are scared.

Well here how to be brave when traveling on your own. The hardest part is getting the courage to do it – but once you done it once (even if it a small trip), you do work up the courage and grow the confident.

Keep your wit:

When out and about, going anywhere – always keep your wit. Be on the lookout for any strange people following you. Don’t go down dark alley and keep your guard up.

Don’t advertise on Social Media:

Ok this is captain obvious here, but for some it still does need to be told. If going somewhere don’t blab about it all over social media, but for the moment keep it quiet. Post it somewhere – after you visited a place, be one step behind and that way people can’t keep track of where you are.

Find a Travel/Tour booth:

If you’re really lost, and your phone gone down and you don’t know where you are. Rather than ask strangers on where something is, find a travel/tour booth. You will see them in most cities and often round public transport station. There is always someone who can point you in the right direction.

Tell yourself you can do this:

Keep telling yourself that you can do this. Prove to yourself that you can do this. It about being brave when traveling on your own and having that courage.

Plan and plan before going:

If you’re traveling long distance, spend some time before going and plan the entire journey. Write it all down and keep a record of it. You will thank yourself later.

Don’t draw attention to yourself:

I’m saying this, as I hate drawing attention to myself – as I said before I’m really shy. Don’t get drunk and start singing on the street (unless you really want to!) where your being really loud and having all attention on you. Keep your attention to yourself as you might warrant unwanted attention from someone.

Those were how to be brave when traveling on your own. Do you have any tips to add?