how stepping outside can improve your mind

When you are stuck indoor or stuck behind a computer screen all day it can drive you crazy! So let me tell you how stepping outside can improve your mind.

We are a natural outdoor creature, well we are if you think about it. It is our genes and evolved all the way back to cavemen time. So it almost unnatural not to go outside – as it goes against our very nature and what makes us – us.

I would say, it only been in the last 100 years or so where us human has become more of an indoor creature. For example, we often spend our days in a 9-5 workplace, or we would stay at home waiting for the food shops to arrive or for a parcel to be delivered. Before our ‘modern’ life, people would pop to the post office for picking up a parcel, or perhaps walk into town to do a food shop.

It has only been in recent time that people have no real need to go outside. We now have everything we want to be sent to us without ever needing to take a step outside. We can very well be cooped up indoor and be living very much like a hermit.

A scary thought, but the rise of Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the home and going outside into open space) is on the increase and more and more people prefer the comfort of their home – then going outside and stepping into fresh air.

I’m often stuck indoor all days and all nights, due to me now working from home. And yes, I must confess – it does drive me crazy. I’m not quite at the agoraphobia phrase but I can see how easy it is to slip down that road.

So due to me being on a slippery road, I do try and go outside. Not only am I trying not drive myself crazy, but also just to freshen myself up and I’m not looking at a computer screen all day.

If this sound like you, then let me tell you how stepping outside can improve your mind.

It can get rid of cobwebs inside the mind:

Do you ever feel like there cobwebs inside your brain and you’re trying to do something but nothing productive comes out? Well stepping outside into the fresh air helps you get rid of all the old cobwebs and leave you to feel productive and happier.

It can make you feel creative:

Sometimes stepping outside can spark a creative idea in you. I often find my ideas comes to me when I’m just walking along and just letting my mind wander.


Being indoor can be rather slobbish and make us couch potato. A brisk walk around a block will reverse that and also do your body a world of good.

Be more in tune with nature:

Taking a brisk walk, let you be more in tune with nature and the outside world. You can hear the birds singing, the sound of someone cutting their lawn in the garden, a dog barking somewhere. It a better tune then hearing the AC all day, isn’t it?

Soak up Vitamin D:

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you why we always feel better in sunlight, does it? Us human, we do actually crave sunlight and have the need to soak up the sun. Being outside for 20 minutes is enough to get your daily amount of vitamin D.

Now you know the benefits of how stepping outside can improve your mind. Are you going to try and make more of an effort to do this?