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How Does Social Media Affect SEO?

by Anna Nuttall

It was a question someone asked me recently. In my usual bumbling fashion, I sort-of blurted out an answer that was a mumbling mess. I knew how to answer it, but could I lay out a clear consistency answer – no. I let my nerve get the better of me, and I became a mumbling mess.

So I thought, in the future when someone else directs that question to me, I would have something where I’m able to answer it. And I can swiftly turn round and say with confidence, ‘Here is my answer, I’m not really a crazy mumbling fool’.

Anyway, it was a fair question, and I felt the topic of social media and SEO doesn’t get covered enough, so I’m here to help.

The term is called ‘social media SEO’, and I will be using that term throughout this post. (SMSEO)

You might not think it but social media platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest are social engine as well. People do use those platforms to look up something or to do a little research, and it isn’t just search engines such as Google or Bing we use. Think about it: how often do you use Pinterest instead of Google to research a new recipe or to find the perfect wedding dress? Or using the Facebook search feature to find something in your local area?

Me, I put my hand up and say yeah I do. I tend to do that a lot more than using Google as often you can find the answer on social media platforms a lot quicker and also for me, I like to see the visual instantly.

Ok, so how does that help your SEO?

Social Media helps build authority. I’m sure you know all about domain authority and how important it is with ranking high; well in SMSEO it the same principal.

If you keep focusing on building engaged social media followers, and social media contents than your platform do help build backlinks and these backlinks, do direct back to your website. The more contents and higher following you have on social media; the more authority your platform will have.

It is also important to remember that social Media does involve real people. The big social media platform works hard to avoid bots taking over, so the majority of action are real people interacting with the platform.

So when working on your SMSEO, try and remember this phrase; The wider the net – the more fish you’re going to catch. I.e. The more content you have on your social media (especially with backlinks) – the more people you will reach.

Does Google actually list your social media page?

Yes – but understand, it’s a complicated relationship, especially as the landscape of SMSEO keep changing and experts can’t agree on an answer.

Studies have shown that social media post on Facebook does actually show up on Google due to platform such as Facebook getting better at understanding what Google looks for when crawling for user-friendly contents.

I have noticed it the same with other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter.

So do bear in mind, the more social media contents, the more likely Google crawling through your platform.

I’m no way an expert and I’m sure someone can give a more logistic answer than I ever could. But that the general answer to, how social media affect SEO?

Feel free to comments any of your question and I will try to help.

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Karen 23rd October 2019 - 6:08 pm

I do even where to begin of using Sri for posts. There is so much information that I get overwhelmed at times.


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