After a record breaking October pageviews, I was not expecting a massive increase. Oh boy Was I wrong! How I Got 16,000 Pageviews In November.

How I Got 16,000 Pageviews In November

I really was expecting my traffic to stay leveled on 12,000 with only a small increase. I thought that it would be a very small climb to increase my pageviews, after all it took me nearly a good year to get 12,000 so I didn’t expect a big sudden jump.

Throughout November I posted a total of 26 posts, a few less from October. I was doing Jenn’s 30 days blogging challenge , however due to cold/illness I have to miss a few days but I pretty much kept constant with my schedule.

My Top 5 most popular posts from November:

The majority of my popular posts are fashion-related posts. Those I was reporting last months how writing a mixtures of posts seem to bring people in – November it brought in a lot of fashion readers. This is really good as it proof to me you guys enjoys my fashion-related posts. One thing I promise myself I would do this year would write more fashion posts so it nice you are enjoying it as I’m enjoying writing them.

How did people find my blog?


Last month Facebook gave me 4,000 as part of my overall traffic. Not much of a jump but it still climbing. How the hell did I achieve so much traffic from Facebook? As I said last month it help by joining various blogging Facebook groups. It’s a simple as that. By joining loads of blogging Facebook Groups and being active by helping people with their questions brought in new readers and new traffic to my site. My advice would be it’s worthwhile contributing to a few Facebook groups, for example join my Facebook blogging group:

I will say Facebook group is only worthwhile doing if you contribute to a thread. Don’t just link dump.

Blog Links Parties
People also found my blog from various blog links parties (or links up as they are also called!). What I do is contribute to various blog links parties throughout the week. People can easily find your blog and click on though.  You can find blog links parties by Googling or by looking on this blog links parties directory.

Stumbleupon (SU)

Stumbleupon is like a rocket that just go off into the night sky. Stumbleupon have been a blessing this year on traffic. A few of you asked me last time on how SU work. It really simple. Every time I publish a new post I simple add it on SU and then stumble on a few pages. I also add my link (which has a SU button) to a few Facebook SU threads which allowed people to then add my site to their SU. So you get not only traffic from your own SU but from other people as well. Don’t just add your link and wait for the traffic to come as it more likely won’t.

Organic searches
My organic searches also increased higher in November which I’m so happy about as I have been working hard on my SEO. I know sometime SEO feel like a drag and often feel like you’re not getting anywhere, my advice is to keep on it and you will see result.  To help you increase your site organic searches it might useful to read my post on how to make your blog more seo friendly.

What didn’t work in November:

Google Analytic Spam. I hate them – hate ’em. Nasty little bots which like to mess up my Goggle Analytic and giving me empty traffic. Mid-way through November I finally found the solution to get rid of them, so I will be sharing with you next week on how you can give those nasty little bots a good old boots out of the door. If you have been getting those nasty little spam bots and worried about your site, don’t be as all it does is affect your GA traffic. they can’t get into your site.

I also failed again on Twitter and Pinterest. Ok that not technically true as I did get a more active on Twitter and I also manually added a few new posts on Pinterest, But I still didn’t get a lot of traffic and gave it my 100% attention. I saw a slight increase but not a massive amount.

Goals For December:

  • To complete Blogmas. Blogging right through to Christmas.
  • Keep increasing my SEO and organic searches. To go back through old posts and to update it.
  • Manually adding old and new posts on Pinterest. Being more active on there.
  • Not give Facebook my full attention. Use different mean to bring in traffic.

How I Got 16,000 Pageviews In November

Overall I was really pleased to see a big jump and hopefully next month I might see an even bigger jump. Or is that me being too hopeful? I’m still not sure if I would do a blogging traffic report every month, perhaps when I go past 20,000 in January. Keep my fingers crossed for a upward trend.