If you are like me and rent a property and have strict resection on what you can and can’t do and often dream of stripping it completely bare and start all over again.

How often you look through interior design magazine and go ‘nah’ there nothing for me or watch property TV show and wished you could do that (if you have the money). So often you search all over the website to find that perfect design or that perfect piece of furniture only to be met with a dead end.

Ta-da! All your problem about interior designs is finally solved with this amazing website:

It’s a massive collection of every single interior designs you can ever dream off, a social media network catering to all things homely. The best part of this is that there a directories of interior designers – so most likely you can find someone to help you near where you live. I’ve already spent hours upon hours looking through this, another cool thing is on your profile you can create ‘idealbook’ letting you get a collections of certain looks or designs in one folder. Oh there is also an Iphone apps for this so you can look while out and about. So i recommend you all check it out now.