Homemade Chicken Drumstick

Homemade Chicken DrumstickWhile I know it not exactly BBQ weather quite yet and we’re only just in the transition period between winter and spring, I couldn’t help myself and get into the summer BBQ period last week by cooking some homemade chicken drum-stick. Richard had a mate round to talk all thing techie and geeky so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity and it so simple to do, here what I did.

Step 1: Goes to a supermarket and buy some chicken drumstick.

Step 2: Come home and lay out the drumstick on a roasting tin.

Step 3: Simple marinade it to a flavoring of your choice – I did mine in Nando Medium Peri Peri, completely cover the chicken making sure you haven’t left any. If it any easier you can use a bowl.

Homemade Chicken Drumstick

Step 4: I covered mine with cling films but the best option is cover it in a sandwich bag, once marinaded you need to cover it to help lock in the flavor so do that with all the drumsticks.

Step 5: Leave it overnight or for 6 hours in the fridge or in a cool kitchen cardboard.

Step 6:  Once you left it, take it out and take off the cling film or whatever protected covering you use. 

Step 7: Cook it in the roasting tin for 30-40 mins (read the instructions).

Step 8: Remove from oven and they should be golden brown and smelling amazing.

Step 9: Serve – please bare in mind this could get messy!

So yeah not exactly a domestic goddess type cooking, none the less they are fun to cook when you have company and why in all honestly do you really need to wait for BBQ weather?


  • Ruby
    March 24, 2015

    I loved this post, you have a really light and funny worrying style that’s reallt endearing and captivating!


  • Anna Nuttall
    March 24, 2015

    Hi Ruby, thank you. I like to have a light quirky style of writing, it’s better then being all serious all the time.

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Homemade Chicken Drumstick

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