If like me and is self-employed and work from home. Then you will know the important of creating a relaxing home office.

I spend a large portion of my day in front of my computer, I sometime joke that I’m actually chained to my desk as I spend so much of my time sitting at my desk.

So you can only imagine how important it is for me to create a relaxing home office, especially as I spend a lot of my day sitting in one place.

Some of you might recall early this year, I did phrase 1 of my home office by creating my beauty cupboard. Well it shouldn’t surprise you that I am slowly doing phrase 2 of my office, the key word is – slowly as I currently don’t have the budget for it; but I’ll get there eventually.

How do you go about creating a relaxing home office I hear you ask? Well let me show you these 4 tips that I think will make working from home not only a little more relaxing – but also hopefully less stressful. A peaceful environment where you look after your mind, body and soul.

Here how to create a relaxing home office.

Consider your colours scheme:

When setting up the home office and starting to put your plan into actions, the first thing to think about is the colour scheme. Now some home interior expert might tell you to go bright and bold, personally I think it deflect the relaxing environment you’re after. So consider your colours scheme and go for something netural.

Declutter your furniture:

It can be very easy to get carry away and buy every home furniture you see. Well don’t. Clutter mess equals clutter mind, as the saying goes. So declutter your furniture and go for simplistic furniture and give the home office an open space.

Have a Bluetooth speaker:

Ok some might not like this idea and prefer working in the silent, but I personally love having a little bit of soft music playing in the background. So set up a Bluetooth speaker and let it play some soft spa music in the background.

Let it reflect your taste:

That the fun of creating a home office, it can reflect your taste and how you want it to look. So while you need to consider colours scheme and declutter the furniture; it also need to be somewhere you can be yourself and actually want to spend time in. So that why it need to reflect your taste.  The last thing you want is a home office that you eventually come to hate.

Those where how to create a relaxing home office, do you have any more tips to add?

(In collaboration with Furniture At Work)