Just when I was done with winter, it comes back like a beast from the east. At least it gave me an excuse to wear head to toes winter wear.

There is something quite comical about all this snow we been having all of last week. No, really there is. We travelled all the way to Oslo Norway, stopping off at Sweden and Denmark to see snow – and yet as soon as I get home; the UK is in some kind of strange snow storm. It like the beast from the east has followed me home.

For those who are wondering what on earth I am going on about with all this beast from the east nonsense. Well, that what the press is calling this snow storm. A raging beast from the east where instead of breathing fire – it gives us all snow.

And I have to say, this snow storm really did catch me off guard. I heard the warning, I had my dad told that is as going to be bad. But me being me thought that nahhh winter is over – it won’t be bad. Oh, how wrong was I.

The temperature plummeted very quickly and soon enough it goes so cold my window started crackling. Yes, crackling. Very strange.

We had a good laugh, I mean – you travelled over 2 thousand miles to see snow. When really you could have stayed at home. And once I got home from my journey I was very much in the mindset of, done with winter, just bring on spring.

But there was a tiny little part of me enjoyed seeing the snow falling and seeing how my local area suddenly turned a sheet of white. Ok so I’m done with winter, but I do quite like snow.

Ok, it cold, wet and slippery in places. But it so pretty when it blanked the ground and it also so much fun to crunch on fresh snow leaving footprints.

So this brings me to my head to toes winter wear. We popped out briefly to take some photos and also to find a specific flavour of Lemship for my husband.

He didn’t want lemon lemship, no he wanted blackcurrant lemship. Have you ever heard such silliness? So we made that our mission. Fortunately, I remember a local chemist selling it, so on our way there we did impromptu head to toes winter wear photo shoot.

I had this funny idea while away that I would do an OOTD at every location. But that was just wishful thinking. Really honestly, there was no chance of doing that. Especially in sub-zero temperature.

I kind of had the same thought with this head to toes winter wear look. I had a fun woolly pink sweater on, which I was going to show. But honestly, it would have been foolish to take off my coat and scarf and then prance around in just a jumper while someone was photographing me.  And to make matter worst, or even more embarrassing and foolish. There were people walking past while we starting to take photos. So overall I couldn’t show you my fun woolly pink sweater, not this time anyway.

But I can still show you my head to toes winter wear, or should that winter outwear? The long coat, you have seen before. It a New Look Long Bomber coat. I fancied wearing something different to my parka jacket all the time. I accessorised it with my checkered pink scarf and deep red gloves. Also, a grey hat which kept annoying me.

Apart from the coat which I didn’t take with me while away, my little outer accessories kept me warm and sane. Which you’ll need in sub-zero temperature.

My little head to toes winter wear did also keep me warm and same while hunting down blackcurrant lemship.  Not the most news-worthy of outfits and hopefully the weather will change and I can wear some of my dresses again. Finger crossed to warmer, sunnier climate.

But this head to toes winter wear did its job and at least for next year, I won’t be hunting around for something to wear. Knowing me – I probably will.

head to toes winter wear head to toes winter wear

head to toes winter wear

head to toes winter wear

head to toes winter wear

head to toes winter wear

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