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Happy New Year, Happy New Me (hopefully).

by Anna Nuttall
Hello did everyone have a good new year? I celebrated just by going to bed at 10 p.m., yup I was too lazy to stay up so I went to bed early, only to be woken up with fireworks right outside my window where the local cricket club decides to do a firework displayed at midnight. Lovely. Then on New year day I got sodding drunk by accident, its was an accident as the drink I was drinking I didn’t realized how strong its was and alcohol and me we do not mixed well. So today I’m nursing a jiffy stomach and starting my new year resolution.
I’ve decided, that 2013 is going to be the year that I sort myself the hell out. That sounds a little harsh, but the past few years hasn’t been the greatest for me, uni stress, health problems and money related trouble its has all  been hectic for me. By ’sort myself out’, what I mean is I’m going to stop living like a slob. I’m going to stop surviving on a diet that is more or less exclusively of chips, fried food and processed carbs. I’m going to stop looking in the mirror  pinching the love handle on me. I’m going to discover the cure for a dry itchy skin and I’m going to start wearing dresses and try to be more feminine. I’m going to read something other than celebrities gossip blog and fashion magazine, and I’m going to try and pay my rent every month.
So basically I need to change myself right from the top to the bottom, this month I’m doing a 30 day challenge, last year I did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout dvd which was brilliant, I lost 9-10 pound of weight through that. If you hasn’t done the workout and want to lose weight I so recommend the dvd, a 20 mins exercise dvd a day and you will see the results, she tough but brilliant.
Anyway I’m now doing a step up from the 30 day shred and I’m now doing her ‘Ripped in 30’. Its a sequel-per-say of her 30 day shred but a stepped up and reformed. She still does her 3-2-1 circuit and there no jumping jack as of yet (as I’m only on week 1) but still does strength, cardio and abs. I’m on week 1 and 3 day (I started Monday as I wanted to do a proper full week) and so far its kicking my ass. So that part 1 if you like of me sorting myself out, losing weight.
I suppose the other part of sorting myself out is to learn to properly cook! Not just bang something in the oven and not doing any of the hark work, I will read and learns recipes and actually cook a meal from stretch. I’m thinking of doing a cooking class to help me but they so expensive. So I will learn to cook healthy foods, not just comfort foods and cupcakes. I already been digesting Nigella Lawson Italian book ‘  nigellissima’ and I brought a couples of cooking books to read on my kindle so It be easy to look for ingredients while in the supermarket. Cleaver thinking aye.
I also really need to invest into a proper food processor and some decent kitchen ware before I even get started.
So yes that’s plan for 2013, learn to cook and to lose weight. Have you made any new years resolution? Please feel free to share.

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