Happy Halloween 2017

Finally, the spookiest night of the year is here. Will you be rattling some bones tonight? Or will you be a home watching some scary film.  Happy Halloween 2017.

That also conclude my Halloween Special for this year. I hope you had fun reading all my weird and wonderful Halloween content. If you have missed out, don’t you worry as I will list them all down below.

So yeah Halloween 2017 is finally here. My plan will be to stay at home and watch some strange things on Netflix. Ooh that might very well give you a clue on what I’m going to watch. If you guessed correctly, you will get you a pumpkin head.

As I said throughout last week, I love Halloween. It really is my favorite holiday and I do tend to go over the top with it. But can you blame me. To anyone who knows me will say I’m crazy for anything spooky and paranormal. And it totally true, as my answer is that every day is Halloween.  I’m always reading a spooky story or watch a ghost video on YouTube. All year round – even on the hottest day of the year.

So join me tonight and raise a toast to the spookiest and strangest night of the year. I feel I have written pretty much everything on Halloween and while I could very well ramble on all night. I just want to wish you all a happy Halloween 2017.

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Also can you in the comments and tell me if I should do this Halloween special next year? I would love to hear your feedback and whether I should do this again.

  • Erika Ravnsborg
    October 31, 2017

    Nothing like a good ghost story for Halloween. You gotta love it.

  • Kristi McAllister
    November 1, 2017

    I absolutely LOVE Halloween! In fact, I have more storage totes than I count with Halloween decorations in them. I think that a scary movie is a great idea and I usually do that every year. As far as asking if you should do this piece every year?! YES! I think it’s different and awesome and that other Halloween lovers will really like it!

Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix
Happy Halloween 2017

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