Happy Christmas 2019
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Happy Christmas 2019

by Anna Nuttall

This is only a short post to say that I wish you all Happy Christmas 2019 and a big thank you for supporting me this year.

Everyone should spend the day drinking to their heart content, collapse into a food coma and generally chill out and have a great laugh.

I’m going to spend Christmas day doing exactly all this. Especially collapsing myself into a food coma. – oh, good news folks, I lost a stone in weight so I think I deserve to collapse into a food coma, don’t you think? But losing a stone in weight is my Christmas wish come true.

I also would like to say a big thank you so frickin’ much on supporting me this year, especially as this year been crap for me, and when I am having that drink later, I will toast you all. Even if you just liked a post on my Instagram or taken the time to write a comment on here, I do appreciate it all so much. I do read every single comments and tweet that comes my way. I may not always reply, but that just cause I’m rubbish at knowing what to say. I usually will read a comment and just smile.

So yup, in conclusion – Happy Christmas 2019 and I will leave you with these beautiful lights that we took earlier this month.

Have a wicked Christmas and don’t eat all the mince pies, got to leave room for Christmas pudding.

Have a great Christmas day everyone. Xx

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1 comment

Karen Lyons 2nd January 2020 - 3:33 pm

How was the Mince pie at Christmas? I hope your Christmas was fabulous with your family!


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