Guess who is back..

*Anna slowly open the door and creep into the room, the light flicked on and there are hundreds of people cheering her, party popper going off and everyone sing “she a golly old fellow” and then Enrique Iglesias serenades to me.*

If only that would happen to me in Real Life!

Anyway hello my fellow Bloggeroo (do you like that name?) I’m Back!! Did you miss me? I bet you did really, no – oh I’m all hurt now.
I’m feeling a lot better, there are still issue going on in life but to be truthful I’m just missing you all so much and I missed the blogger community that I just want to go back to it and writes about subject that make me happy and hopefully it’s something that you will enjoy in reading.
Unless you haven’t notice, (if that the case, then refresh the page or clear out your catches) I have a brand new sparkling design on here, I simple love it and it was done by the brilliant Dana Fox from The Wonder Forest. If you don’t know who she is, where have you been? She a web/graphic designer from Canada, I recommend you check out her blog asap.
I had a blog design block, I could not figure out how I wanted my blog to look like, I kept swapping and changing every single little details and I could not decide how I wanted it.
So I decided to hire Dana to do a complete redesign, I told her what I was looking for and how I wanted it to look and she completely understood what I meant and made it possible.  She designed it top notch and to a high speck, making it simple and clear and colourful.
So well done Dana *raise a toast to her*.
So yeah apart from new design and real life is being a pain in the ass I have had time to go to a few places which I will show you all very soon.
I now do advertising on here – go check that out and let me know if you approve, buy advertising from me.

Anyway I shall leave you here with  a picture that will guarantee to brighten up your day.

P.S: There might be a few errors in the next few day as i’m sorting out labels in the background.


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1 Comment
  • Gina Hatfield
    April 4, 2013

    Hello Anna,
    So happy to see you back, and I LOVE your new page! Simple and pretty! I’m also in the process of getting my blog refreshed. I’m super excited to see the end result! Hope all is going well hun.

    xx, Gina

A small hiatus
Guess who is back..

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