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by Anna Nuttall

If you want a good overview of London while sitting on a park bench. Then let me recommend Greenwich.

Now I have only ever been to Greenwich to visit the O2 centre, I have never really explored the area surrounding Greenwich. Which sound silly as I have lived in London my whole life. But in honesty, Greenwich is just not that near me and it has never really been on my list of places to visit.

Until recently when someone told me to visit, just for the ‘awesome view of London’. That was how this person put it to me. So intrigued, I dragged Richard along to see what the fuss was about.

And yeah, this person wasn’t wrong at all. Once you got up the top of the steep hill then you really do get to see an awesome view of London.

It kind of feel you are on top of the world and you are looking down at everything. And what really strikes me of the view, was how all landmarks feel so close by and how clearly you could see everything.

So yes, Greenwich is a great place to visit for the awesome view of London. But that not the only attraction there, as Greenwich host a number of places to visit.

Such as The Royal Observatory, the national maritime museum, Queen house and the park.

But, err…we didn’t see any of them while we were there. Why? Two words: School kids.  I find summer holiday for school kids, to be a nightmare to go anywhere. Plus, a lot of places also tend to hike up their prices. We both not really fond of crowds and didn’t feel like spending the day queuing up everywhere.

So we did skip a lot of the main attraction of Greenwich, but we live in London so it no real headache to go back and visit again – preferably when the kids go back to school.

We instead just laid on the grass at Greenwich park and just spend the day talking and enjoying the last bit of summer.

After a day of looking up the blue sky, we headed over to the O2 centre for a spot of dinner. Not the usual thing to do – but as we were in the area, we thought why not?

If an awesome view of London (especially of Canary Wharf), laying on the grass and grabbing dinner at the UK biggest entertainment centre is on your agenda. Then spend a day at Greenwich as you won’t be disappointed.





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Seyi 20th August 2018 - 5:12 pm

I so love your posts, Anna. I schooled in London and not been back since 2012 when I graduated. London grows on you – you fall in love with the place when you’re about leaving and even fonder when you no longer live there.

Your post makes me ever so nostalgic.

I have subscribed to your blog.

Oyin 20th August 2018 - 6:34 pm

My Family visited London this summer and Greenwich was one of the places we visited. We enjoyed the Museum at Greenwich as well. The Emirates cable car was a pleasant ride across the Thames River.


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