2017 is the year of the big change and one of my biggest change is my hair. I’m going from dark brown to strawberry blonde.

Like I said in yesterday post, I’m changing my hair colour. No more boring dull lifeless brown with a bit of faded blonde in. Hello to vibrant bright strawberry blonde. When I was talking to my husband about going strawberry blonde, his response was ”so you’re going ginger!” My response was ”what wrong with ginger?” ”Nothing” he replied ‘‘In all the year I known you, you never wanted to be anywhere near blonde, it always red hair colour for you.” True I’ve always been completely crazy for red hair but I like to think of myself as a little older and a little wiser.  Keeping red hair on a brown hair girl is not an easy task as the colour fade very quickly.

That was why I made the decision to go strawberry blonde, the colour should keep longer and if it does fade. It doesn’t really matter as I can always put on a new colour on top. Who inspired me with going strawberry blonde? There was a number of people such as Isla Fisher, Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks. I love their hair.

Before changing my hair colour, a few people said going from dark brown to strawberry blonde would suit me as I have quite the pale complexion. In face if anything I agree with them. Going dark would make me look like a vamp, so the only option is to go light.

Now I’ve coloured my hair I know I made the right decision. The colour worked well with my pale complexion, I think it give me a boost and doesn’t give me a washed out look.

dark brown to strawberry blonde

dark brown to strawberry blonde dark brown to strawberry blonde dark brown to strawberry blonde


If you’re planning on hanging your hair colour this year – Go and do it now! You won’t regret it!