If you are having a fairly quiet Christmas or you want to spend a few minutes having peace and quiet from the family. Here is a gift guide for those who like to read over Christmas.

Another appropriate title should be, ‘gift guide for someone who has left Christmas shopping too late!’ For the record, it isn’t me – I was all super organised this year. Ok not exactly super organised, just someone who got their act together.

No, it was my husband who didn’t get his act together. I know, typical men! I’m not going into many details, but he just left the Christmas shopping to the last minutes. Let just say last week was a nightmare and really stressful.

Which brings me to my point where Waterstones saved our skin. As books I feel work just as well as a giving someone a box of chocolate.  I also think a book is a great gift to give someone as there is a genre for everyone, also it so handy as we have family members who love to read especially over Christmas. So yeah, books saved our skin over Christmas.

Another thing with a book is, on Christmas day you can slip away quietly from the family gathering and find a quiet corner to read.

Or even if you are having a quiet Christmas and you’re bored of the telly, it a chance to turn off the damn box and settle down into something else.

Whatever the situation over Christmas, I have put together a gift guide for those who like to read over Christmas.

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