Getting Back to Normal After Lockdown

With news that the gyms are reopening soon, and as things are slowly getting back to normal, I feel I can breathe with a sigh of relief, and I can now look forward getting back to normal after lockdown.

I have been in the fortunate bracket as I didn’t need to be shielded or be furlough, for the past couple of months I have been in limbo. That’s the only way to describe it for me, as I been stuck at home in a constant limbo state where my days been filled with not going anywhere and staying home playing way too much of The Sims and doing too much baking.

It has been nice being at home, especially as we all know that I’m a homebody and that I have no real life. But I will admit, I have been getting cabin fever, my mental health been struggling, and I found it gave me a massive case of writer block.

Like everyone else, I have been following the news closely and examining the dailies COVID-19 stats. I have been horrified at the news and been hoping things will improve.

And while I know we are not out of the wood yet and we still got a long way to go before we get over our current situation, and life really does go back to how it was before. It has been nice, for someone like me who has been in limbo, for things such as shops, gyms, and local attraction to reopen.

I know it a touchy subject, and I’m almost afraid of admitting it. But as I said, staying at home have wreaked havoc with my self-esteem and creativity, for someone who is a complete homebody – I have become bored with staying at home.

I understand things can’t completely go back to the old normal, the old way of life as there are now rules to follow, such as wearing mask n public transport and queuing up to go into a shop. But honestly, it a small price to pay for life getting back to normal-ish.

Richard got some time off work soon, and we are planning on using that time living normal-ish. We want to use that time to get out of the house and enjoy summer.

I’m hoping, with news that the gyms are to reopen that I have somewhere to go when cabin fever gets too much for me. I’m hoping that exercising improve my self-esteem, and I can feel like my old self.

How are you feeling about getting back to normal after lockdown? Will life get back to normal for you? Comment down below your thoughts.

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