1. What’s your favourite musical?
I’m a sucker for musical! My Favorite musical is Chicago (Cell Block Tango favorite song) and my favorite movie musical is Moulin Rouges, my worst is Nine.

2. Would you rather star in a musical or movie?
Movie, I’d be waaaayyy to shy for a musical – especially if it on stage. I would also be really anxious about messing up.

3. Which actor do you think deserves to be in a musical rather than a movie?
I’m racking my brain and I can’t think of any. I have to come back to this.

4. Which is bigger in your opinion, the Oscars or the Tony Awards?
Without a doubt its the Oscars, untill a year ago I never followed the Tony Awards.

5. Should old musicals be shown in cinemas for those who didn’t have the chance to catch it?
Hell yes that would be fascinating! I’m totally on board with this.


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