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Friday Five 3/4/14

by Anna Nuttall





I’m bringing back a little blog tradition, I use to do this all the time back in my livejournal days. Beforeannanuttall.com and back when I didn’t actually know what to do with my life, I would spend my days endlessly on livejournal and creating silly fan clubs for all the boybands of the time (N*sync anyone?). Yeah I know how to live it up! Anyway livejournal was the tumblr of that era and every Friday bloggers would do a Friday Five, it’s where you answer 5 random questions and anyone is free to do it themselves as long as you leave a link to your blog post in the comments. I don’t see it so much in the blogger-sphere now so I think it high time people start doing it again, what do you think? I think personally it a great way to get to know the person behind the blog a little beter and it always fun to read and to be nosy. So for now on every Friday is now known as ‘Friday Five’.

1. Can you remember being a very young child?

I sort of can! I remember being very shy and clinging on to my mum for dear life. I still remember my first ever memory: I was in my cot still at toddler age and waking up thinking ‘what did I do Yesterday?’ I remember being in my cot racking my little brain.

2. Do you remember the first day of school?

Once again I was very shy and clinging onto my mum for dear life. I also remember anyone I didn’t like I would kick them and the teacher saying ‘Stop kicking Anna’. I had a french teach with such a thick accent that I never understood her and I would giggle every time she spoke. I also remember we had to do a taste test and I threw up in class in front of everyone – so so embarrassing!!

3. Did you love or despise your siblings, providing you had them?

I’m not allowed to answer that -It causing too much drama!

4. Do you remember the name of your first friend?

Kate, I’m friend with her through social-media but not in real life.

5. Would you journey back to your childhood (as an adult) if you could?

Yeah I would. I would say to that girl that things will get much worst before it get better. Haha I would also steal all my old 80s toys so I have them for keepsake.

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