continental breakfast

I’m sure at one point while staying at a hotel you have had this very light breakfast. For me however I’m always having this.  Here is my everyday continental breakfast staple.

Whether you are staying somewhere abroad or in your home country, I’m sure you have seen the traditional hotel continental breakfast. This is a light breakfast with some fresh orange juice or with coffee, a bread roll with butter and jam. So not a big blow out full English meal as you also often get with hotels.

I’m mentioning this as I often get asked by people on what I have every morning as my breakfast. It actually quite a topic of discussion – who have thought it. I admit I never have thought about what everyone has for breakfast. For me, it just a meal or a snack to stop you feeling hungry till lunch and one that you don’t really think about. As often in the morning you are half asleep and you need something quick to help wake you up.

So my answer is when people do ask me on what I have for breakfast, it always, ‘continental’. As I mentioned it quick, light, and help keep hunger at bay. I have been having continental breakfast for so long, I now don’t really think about it and it just a normal routine for me.

I first started having continental breakfast while I was at boarding school. We would wake up at the crack of dawn and go into the dining room to find a spread of croissants, bread rolls and pastries. And that would be our breakfast, often for me it would be the one meal I would have all day as I often never liked their other foods. The night staff would make us also have some fruit juice with our breakfast.

continental breakfast

It just continued as I got older, I would wake up (never at the crack of dawn – god I was so pleased to leave school as then I don’t have to wake up so bloody early!) and walk down to my local bakery to buy some pastries and fruit juice.

I also should mention that I hate cereal. I never been a cereal eater and for myself personally I don’t think there anything worst then eating sloppy wet oats or wheats first thing in the morning. Yes, I know all about the wonderful benefits that cereal has, but I just don’t like the taste.

That why I’m always having a continental breakfast. Richard doesn’t always join me; he prefers cereal or porridge. But he often does and it nice as we can eat breakfast together.

When we went traveling through Europe a few years ago, at every hotel we stayed at has a continental breakfast included into the board. Which was nice as it was a meal we didn’t have to worry about or paid extra for. Throughout my time I did eat a lot of croissants.

What do I have every morning as part of my continual breakfast routine. Its usually croissant with orange marmalade, fruit juice and a yogurt. Quite simple and plain really; But that how I like it.

So I’m asking you, what do you have every morning as your breakfast? And do you ever have a continental breakfast?