Five things I’m rubbish at During Christmas Time

I was making this list in my head when Richard and I were doing a Christmas wrapping presents session. My role was being a project manager and testing drinking the G&T I brought earlier in the day., while he was tasked with doing the actual wrapping.

As you can imagine being a project manager and drinking G&T is a vital role. It was a role I picked for myself as I don’t process the skills to wrap up presents.

Which bring me to this list where I’m going to tell you as it isn’t just wrapping presents I’m rubbish at – there is more; The five things I’m rubbish at during Christmas time.

Wrapping presents

Oh my god! As I was saying. I’m rubbish at wrapping presents – I do not seem to have the skills. Seriously I can’t wrap to save my life! I seem to cut too much wrapping paper or leave a big gap and then wrap it like a burrito. On the bright side, people always know my presents when there is a thick layer of sellotape.

Cooking turkey

Ok, I never have cooked a full turkey before, but considering I broke the oven when I last prepared a roast chicken – I can imagine it would be in the same thing.

Remembering there is deadline with Christmas 

This is the first year I was organized for Christmas – which I’m damn proud of. But in previous years, I have left everything to the last minute. Christmas Eve was me running around getting everything sorted. I have a habit of saying, ‘I’ll do it later’’, forgetting there is a deadline with Christmas.

Sending Christmas Cards

I have already written my thoughts on Christmas cards. But I’m still rubbish at it, and I believe that you can find something meaningful without it having to be a Hallmark card.

Gingerbread men

I cannot seem to make gingerbread men, every single time it always an epic fail for me. It will crumble and turn into a mess. I also cannot decorate gingerbread men either, the last time I tried and my gingerbread look like an insane cloud from It.


Those were the five things I’m rubbish at during Christmas time. Do you have any share for yourself?

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1 Comment
  • Diamond Kelley
    December 17, 2019

    You sound a lot like me lol. My wrapping skills get worse every year as my patience thins out!

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Five things I’m rubbish at During Christmas Time

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