Finishing A Man’s Look with a Tie Clip

Let’s be honest ladies, there is nothing sexier than a man in a suit. So if you like your man in a suit and want to give him an extra special look. Here why you need to finish a man’s look with a tie clip.

Hands up, who here love the look of a man in a suit? I’m talking well-tailored, well-groomed here. The kind who just by putting on a suit – he can rule the world.  Now I’m not talking about any Christen Grey figure here, who thinks he can dominate you and rule your world. And be honest, who seriously would follow a Christen Grey figure anyway? Even if he does look good in a suit.

No, I’m talking about the kind of man who knows instantly how to look good by wearing a tailored suit straight from Savile Row. The kind that makes you look twice and think you are dreaming.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but put my hand up and think yup, I do love a man in a suit. Just ask my husband. For me, I can’t help myself but judge a man on his appearance. I think its just human nature. We all do it, I mean who would you go for?  A man with ketchup stain and stink of BO or a guy in a suit wearing aftershave? I know who I would go for. Yes, I know we should judge a person by his appearances and it inside what count. But in reality, it just how we programmed and by nature, you would choose the more attractive male.

For a man to wear a suit, it does take a lot of planning and little details. In the same way, us girl go crazy over a dress and go into minor fine tuning. It exactly the same for a man when choosing a new suit.

It can’t be easy, as it also all about the finishes touch. It not enough finding the correct cufflinks. It also about finding the right tie clips. Just correcting the minor details such as having a tie clip could very well set him apart from the rest and give him a polish well-groomed look.

So ladies, if you like the attention to details and want a top to toes James Bond figure, then do look out for all that important minor details – especially something like the tip clip.

Are you in agreement with me and like a man in a suit? If so, who would be your ideal man?

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Finishing A Man’s Look with a Tie Clip

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