my love for photography

I have always considered myself more of a writer than a photographer, but over the past year, I have found myself loving photography more and more. Here how I been finding my love for photography.

I never saw myself as a photographer, I’d just leave all the snap taking to Richard as that is his job – being a professional photographer. In the same way, Richard leaves all the writing to me as I’m more of a writer than a photographer.

However, over the past year, I sort of been sneaking more and more into his terrain and going snap happy on my camera. I have found myself really enjoying the process of taking photos, editing it in Photoshop and then uploading it for you guys to see.

As I said before, I really never saw myself as a photographer or at least having in-depth knowledge of taking photos. I knew how a camera worked and basic things like depth of field and how to focus, but talks to me about Raw files or 15-55 mm lens and you would be faced with a blank stare.

So over the past year, I found myself wanting to learn more about photography and getting to grips with raw files and different lenses. Of course, I am having a teacher helping me and also it does that Richard talks non-stop about camera and photography. I do have to tell him to be quiet sometime.

Another thing we bonded on – is the enjoyment of going to a new place and photographing it. Over the past year, we been to Hastings, Lewes and don’t forget I took myself off to Oxford. We both enjoyed taking our camera and taking photos of what we see. It a little record of what we saw that day and a reminder that we been there and done that (also bought the t-shirt).

I now find that going out with my camera is like me leaving home with my phone or keys. It another accessory I wouldn’t dream of leaving home without.

This is something I’m going to keep doing throughout this year, taking photos of places I see and like. Of course, then documenting them on here. Finding my love for photography is more than a hobby (and job for that matter as I do often blog about what photos I’ve taken), it a way of life and it no different to a painter with a canvas.

I also do hope that over time throughout this year, I get to improve my skills and also to upgrade my camera equipment. I am feeling like my Canon 600d is now getting a little old and there so many better cameras available at the moment. But as my teacher keep telling me, it not the equipment that matters the most – it the guy (or girl) that’s pressing the shutter button.

That my plan for 2018, ok not my overall plan as well I don’t really have a plan. But my plan is to keep finding my love for photography and to keep snapping away. Who knows, maybe one day I might have my own photo gallery and studio – ok I’m getting ahead of myself. But a girl can dream.