What To Do When Feeling Low

For the last week or so I’ve been feeling really low, it’s a sinking feeling where doing the simplest of task feel like an extra effort, there’s time in the week where I would lie on my bed and have no motivation to move.

I’m not quite sure what caused me to be feeling low, I have a guess and will say I’m taking some medications that shifting or changing the hormones in my body, so I’m pretty sure that is the cause of my emotional change.

If you know me I’m generally a happy straightforward kind of girl, a little shy but I always been shy since I was a child, so for me to be feeling low is a weird new emotion for me. I also like to think of myself as a reasonably stable person who has a good brain on her, what I mean by that is I won’t do anything to hurt myself; I’m one of those people that can step out of the situation and assets it and see what I can change personally for myself.

I’m writing about this now as I want to help people who are feeling a little low in their life at the moment whether it’s from school/work/home life, you are not alone.

I have come up with a few tips and suggestions to help you, these are helping me at the moment and making me overcome my emotional change, so I’m hoping they will help you.

Go Out:

If you can, go outside and away from your current environments. Sometime when I’m feeling exceptionally low, I feel very cooped up at home, so I find going outside really help me and clear my head. If you are not able to go into town, then step out in your garden/porch/driveway/balcony; anywhere where you can get fresh air and can take some deep breath.

Go to a Coffee place:

I love going to coffee houses and sitting down and watching people going about in their life. I always feel calmer and happier when I’m there; I’m not sure why. I think more than anything you are in a public place and you are surrounded by people, when feeling low you often feel alone and isolated at home so being around people can be good. Remember us human we are a naturally social creature and we like social interaction.


When we exercise we released endorphins which can boost our mood so this a great way to reduce to stressed and the blue. Whether you do it at the gym or home make sure you sweat loads, the more you sweat, the more you will feel good after the workout – and you also get brilliant results. I recommend going to a Zumba or gym class as then you won’t be on your own.


Talk to someone whether is your husband/wife/parents or best friends, don’t bottle it all inside. There is an excellent comfort in talking to people about your problems. I’m fortunate to have a supported husband who I can talk to about anything, so he has been helping me a lot in the last week. If you feel there is no-one to talk too and you can’t explain it yourself, speak to a GP, and he/she be able to help you or at least give you some guidance. You might find once you start talking you might start feeling better, whatever you do don’t keep it to yourself.


If you feel you really cannot talk about it, then write about it. This can be part of a blog post like I’m doing right now or a secret page in your diary; this can be private – no-one has to see it and for your eyes only. When writing about whatever the problems might be or the feeling of being low can boost you and help you understand the overall situation better, it good to get words down onto paper.

Work on a mini project:

There is nothing that can boost your mood more than to work on a mini project, whether it’s baking a cake or writing reviews on beauty products. It will occupy your mind and time which will stop yourself wallowing in self-pity, not only working a mini project will help your mind and time, but you get something at the end of it which is always a brilliant result.

Two head is better than one:

Please feel free to send me an email if you are feeling low and want some help/guidance like the old saying goes ”two head is better then one”; I would gladly welcome it, and it might be a great comfort for you. My inbox is always open 24/7.

That’s all my suggestions/tips for the moment, writing this felt very therapeutic. I hope it will help you in the way it has been helping me.

What do you think?

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  • Karine O
    March 23, 2014

    Aw that’s such a lovely post!!
    These are all great tips! And I’m sure that it will help someone because you are so right with all these steps you could take when feeling low!
    I hope you feel better soon hun! You are beautiful inside and out! Keep your chin up! 🙂 xx


  • Inez
    March 23, 2014

    A nice honest post Anna. I like shopping when I’m feeling low or just chilling at my grans, and letting her look after me lol, xoxo.

  • Paula @ Beauty Lover
    March 31, 2014

    Ah big hugs, hope you are feeling better soon xx

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

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What To Do When Feeling Low

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