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Featured Bloggers | April & May 2019

by Anna Nuttall

I have been meaning to do this for a while, catch up on my featured bloggers but as always with me – life is busy and I just haven’t had the time to do it. But I making use of this Bank holiday to actually featured some lovely bloggers.

On my Friday links-up I usually ask you to comments your blog details and I will feature you on the next links-up. Yeah, well lovely people been commenting – but I haven’t been holding my end of the bargain and I have been kind of ignoring it. Sorry, as I said before – life is busy right now.

Well I’m making amend and I’m featuring all the lovely bloggers who have asked me to featured them. Better late than never.

To make life easier and for you not to feel like you are being left out or being ignored, trust me you’re not – I’m just all over the place – I’m going to try and make this monthly thing where I just do one big roundup of featured bloggers. This way everyone who have requested to be feature is included and no one will miss out.

So that the drill at the moment. Let me get into it and feature some lovely bloggers.  I do ask that you please do visit these lovely blogs and give them some love.


Veronica June Photography

My name is Veronica and I write a Photography and sometimes Lifestyle blog. I am from Holland, Michigan and love sharing fun stories and photo tips and techniques. When I’m not writing my blog, I’m talking someone’s ear off and photographing something somewhere. I have 4 grown kids, one fifth grader left at home, and one handsome grandson!

Bon Vivant Kitchen

My name is Victoria, and I’m the creator of Bon Vivant Kitchen, where we help you celebrate life, one dish at a time. We’re based in the lovely San Bernardino mountains of Southern California, and we feature a beautiful variety of recipes, kitchen hacks, reviews, and more!

The Tea Chest Blog

I have The Tea Chest Blog which is a relatively new blog about my passion for all things tea. I love tea, the ceremonial side of it, the traditions, history, tools, you name it…I love it ♥ I am based in New Zealand but at the end of the year we are heading offshore sailing and I hope to incorporate our travels with my love for tea as I discover each special little place.


My blog’s purpose is to provide support, education and awareness about chronic illness. I provide tips on dealing with simple life activities from taking a shower to parenting. I also provide support for other bloggers by giving blogging tips and showcase them on my Awesome Blogger Club page. Lastly, I give a voice to those who feel they don’t have one by letting them tell their story in a guest post. This further provides a place of support and belonging to those who often feel invisible.

I will for next week Friday Bloggers Links-up make the round-up clearer and also to add additional options for you all.

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