I’m not the biggest book reader, and I don’t often read self-help books. But I was given Fearne Cotton Happy book over Christmas. Here is my review on it.

Once upon a time I use to tune into BBC Radio 1 and would listen to Fearne Cotton show. I must confess, I can’t stand many radio DJs. It all in the voice – well that all it can be when you’re listening to a radio DJ. I just find a lot of radio DJ to be so…how can I put this delicately…arrogant, they tend to be loud, over the top and never finish a story which just makes me tune out; (maybe perhaps I’m getting old, and I’m now more suited to radio 4!). (*)

Anyway, Fearne Cotton was one radio DJ who I use to enjoy listening too, and I would enjoy tuning in and hearing what she is saying that day.

She then went onto TV and back in the day when I would watch TV, I would turn into her shows. I enjoy her casual way of presenting, rather than be rigid, she was more relaxed and was presented in a way where it feels like she was chatting to a mate.

Overall what I’m saying is, I’m a fan of Fearne Cotton and it no surprise I found myself picking up her book, Happy. Ok, I didn’t technically pick it up, I was given the book from Richard at Christmas, but I did point him in the direction of me wanting to read the book.

Now I’m not the biggest of books reader, and I tend to pick up a book, read a bit and then put it down and leave it for a few days. But I should say that at the start of the year I have been trying to navigate away from the Kindle. Nothing wrong with the Kindle, it just sometimes I just want a real solid book to read.

And if I do read a book, it tends to be some dark, mysterious drama where it a real page-turner. I also don’t read self-help books. Nothing wrong with self-help books, it just isn’t on my radar.

But to cut a long story short, one afternoon while babysitting my niece at the local library, I found myself reading one of Fearne’s book. I enjoyed it so around Christmas I asked for one of her other book and this what lead me to Fearne Cotton Happy book.

This book is a way to release what’s going on inside your head and to keep heading towards the good stuff. The simple stuff. The stuff that’s going to really hit up that happiness on a deep and nourishing level. Whether you dip into these pages every now and then when you feel you need it, or use it daily as a positive exercise, I hope it brings you much relief, joy and calm. Amen to the pen.” – Fearne Cotton

For many of us, life can feel like it’s moving too fast with pressure bearing down on us from all sides – whether that’s from school or work, family or social media. As a result, we find ourselves frazzled, lost and – too often – feeling blue.

It’s a subject close to Fearne’s heart. Drawing on her own experiences and including expert advice, HAPPY offers practical ways of finding joy each and every day. Happiness isn’t a mountain to climb, it’s just one foot in front of the other on the path of life, and here you’ll find little steps that will help make the differences that count. With workbook elements to help you start and end the day well; get in touch with your creative side; and find peace through written exercises, simple practical ideas and visualisations, these are daily tricks and reminders to help you unlock that inner happiness.


As I said earlier in the post, I enjoy Fearne casual, easy-going way of presenting and this book is very much like this.

Fearne Cotton Happy is not a typical book where you can read a chapter and then call it a night. It presented in a very casual easy-going way. There are set chapters, but there also chapter within a chapter, and you can kind of pick and choose what you read.

If you been feeling down in the dump or have the feeling of being unhappy, then my advice would be to give this book a try. I think that why I was drawn to this book, I was unhappy – so I need to find a way to be happy again.

Fearne throughout the book shared her own experiences when she was unhappy which lead to her writing the book — it about being positive again in life and changing your mood.

While reading this, it did surprise me as Fearne has always presented herself as this bubbly cheerful person.

This isn’t the usual self-help book where you read it and then try to remember it six months later. To help you be ‘happy’ and to change your mindset, there are interactive areas where it gives you spaces to fill in with how you been feeling.

Overall I feel Fearne Cotton Happy is an uplifting and a positive guide to being happy. The word, ‘happy’ is so freely used, but they’re more to the mood then you might think at first glance. This will help you understand the word is a closer manner and help you live life more positively. The advice throughout was realistic and honest. There no wishy-washy lecturing advice, the book has the natural touch of speaking to you directly.

Which bring me back to when I was saying I enjoy Fearne casual manner and how she has the knack to make you feel like you’re chatting to a mate. If you like that, then you will like Fearne Cotton Happy book.

(*) Apology to any of my American readers who have no idea what I’m going on about.

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