Fashion Statement – Tights

There is no doubt that wearing tights or stockings is a fashion statement of the 2014’s, simply pair them up with your favourite items of clothing such as a skirts, tunics, dresses and they will add a certain je ne c’est quoi, a finishing touch to your outfits. Tights and stockings come in various colours, prints and styles, from sheer stockings to glossy or classic stockings and even groovy opaque stockings which can certainly enhance your legs for all occasions. Tights or stockings decorated with lace, bows or even ripped look trendy while a plain black pair can look alluring and sophisticated. The great thing about tights and stockings is the lycra fabric which fits well and is easy to slip on for all figures and sizes, effortlessly elevating your fashion status.

The trend for tights and stockings has been in the fashion scene since as far back as the 16th Century when it was invented by an English churchman Rev. William Lee who also coincidently invented the first knitting machine. Silk stockings in that period were worn as functional garments to offer protection from the cold. Right up to the end of 18th century even men would wear silk stockings. Following the invention of ‘Dupont Nylon’ fibre, the supremacy of silk stockings slowly faded away and within the 20th century Nylon stockings came into fashion after World War II. Now in the 21st century they have become essential part of any girl’s wardrobe helping women everywhere to fire up their own individual style.



1. My Tights Pretty Polly Hello Kitty stripe Tights £8.00

2. Asos Bow Over Knee  £8.00

3. Asos Emilio Cavallini Shiny Paisley 90 Denier Tights £13.00

4. Jonathan Aston Floral Bouquet Tights £8.99

5. New Look Black Sheer Polka Dots Tights £4.99

6. Sock Shop Pretty Polly Secret Darkly Floral Tights £10.00

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Fashion Statement – Tights

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