Who fancy a month advertising for £10?



That’s right folks, I’m offering advertising for £10 for one month or for 6 month £50. There’s no hidden charge or small prints, simple email me: annalisa.nuttall@gmail.com or use my contact form (please use the subject: £10 advertising or either wise I will think it’s junk), payment is through paypal and the ad will appear almost instantly.

Size: No more then 371 pixel width  to 341 pixel  height.

I have only a few basic rules:

• I’m based in the UK so please consider your advertising for your business venture when applying; I will accept advertising from the US.
 • No advertising or PR correspondent that will link to a foreign languages site, the majority of my readers are English speaking.
 • Please do not harass me about your advertising spot, if you have applied for it and it not shown up yet, then please simple send me an email.
• For US readers advertiser, the price are in UK Dollars, simple use xe.com and that will be your price in UK pound, contact me and I’m sure we can work around the currency conversion.
 • No advertising to porn/adult/racist/gambling websites, you will immediately be banned and refunded the money.
• No flashing/animated gif – that will immediately be taken off.
• No spamming your advertising in my comment box, you will be banned from commenting.
• If there is an issue with payment, I’m using PayPal then contact and I am willing to do a bank transfer.
• I will not do text links – there is a permanent banned on here.
This is opened to all bloggers and businesses.
So grab it while you still can – it be a great way to gains some exposure.

What do you think?

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Who fancy a month advertising for £10?

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