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Ok so here’s the deal, its coming up to a certain person birthday soon. I’d be a lovely age of 32, but age is just a number right? I like to think so. So in my head I pretend I’m eternally 25 and can still wear size 12 clothes, while having my own unicorn and won the lottery. *Cough* I told you before I’m a dreamer.

Anyway I was put in touch with IntoTheBlue where I’m able to create my own wishlist of experience day I wish to actually experience. To my parents who I know read this blog, take this a big hint of what to get me for my birthday.

Steam Railway Ride Experience £9.00: 


I think there is something very romantic about riding a steam train, it take you back to bygone era where we were still learning about the world and technology. It take you back you back to a time where there was no electric train or motorway. If I would be experiencing this I would dress up in Victorian clothes and pretend in my head I have traveled back to that era.

Murder Mystery Weekend £325.00: 


Please feel free to laugh at me, but I always wanted to do a murder mystery weekend. Yeah you’re laughing at me – that’s fine. But it true, I think it would be fun and really interesting. It would be like real life Sherlock Holmes case, I can even wear a deer cap and smoke a pipe. I can pretend I’m a world famous detective and I’m determined to find out who the murderer is. It would be a laugh and a great way to meet new people.

Bannatyne Spa Days London £49.00: 


Now if you know me, you would know I’m a spa-aholic! I seriously love my spa day! I keep nagging Richard to treat me to a spa day, he always reply saying that he think its a waste of money and usually refuse to pay up. However I always come away feeling totally relaxed and at peace with myself, my skin also seem to glow as well. I’m forever on any sites looking for the best spa day deal or dreaming about my next spa visit. I really need a spa day.

Cupcake Classes and Cocktails £47.00: 


I cannot for the life off me cook cupcakes, I’m a walking and talking baking fail . Everyone is always says to me ”oh its soo easy”, well not me it isn’t! Half the time I don’t even know where I went wrong, did I set the temperature to high on the oven or  put in too much flour? So I would basically love to learn how to bake a proper cupcakes and go ha! Delia Smith eat your heart out. I think it would be fun to learn how to properly decorate a cake to make it all so pretty. Yeah I want to learn how to make and decorate cupcakes.

I hope you have enjoyed this, what would you choose?



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