A few weeks ago I showed you some on my old Livejournal entries. I had a few requests to show some more – so here we are. Even more cringe-worthy Livejournal entries.

If you don’t know what I mean by this. Let me recap for you.

Well back in the day when people were starting to catch on with this whole blogging business, there was LiveJournal. A free community where you can easily write a new blog entries and have people from other journal comments and share your posts. Back in the day I was addicted to this, sometime updating two or three times a day. It was very popular and it had quite a big community.

I stopped writing in this once I got a full-time job at my old retail job. You know, real life soon started to take over. I also eventually brought a domain and wrote in there instead – only for the whole thing to be hacked and making me lose everything!

Anyway I shared some of my first LiveJournal entries last week. Now I’m going to show you some more. This time it was when I was unemployed and I had no idea what to do with my life. I also lived at home with my parents and Richard (who was my boyfriend at the time – now my husband) moved in with us.

Enjoy and please excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes.

22nd Mar, 2006

It so nice the sound of ….peace. Everyone out at the monument so I’m taking this once chance of quiet to write. Everytime I has tried to sit down to write I had my two dogs barking theirs heads off, mum yelling at me to tidy my room up and Richard jumping from one thing to another!

I just sent an application form to my local whsmith (a newspaper- entertainment shop) in my area 🙂 *finger cross*. (I’m unemployed, looking for work! this is for peoples tuning into misscutie for the first time. where have you been)

I be adding hacks and tons of new themes to v-b sometime in the next two day. So if you see errors – you know why.
I want a new layout as well for here, at lots of wordpress templates I find (using Google) no longer work in the new version: 2.0 or really messed up my site. I like to pay someone to design me one -but haven’t got the money.
Blah! Sick of web design -but I still enjoy having a site.

Following up this blog entry, I wrote a couples week ago. Complaining about my parents and so on. Read it then you understand.
Well mum moved my computer upstairs and got herself a laptop for herself. Yay! I love it! I can now write in peace or do a vexel in peace without either the blasted TV being on or my mum going on and on…
My only complaint now is (there always one!) that now Richard keeps bugging me, because he can no longer play on the playstation 2 in peace. Oh well I put in some earplug.

Speaking of computers. What would you recommend for a games computer: laptop or pc? The reason I’m asking is Rich is selling me his old laptop (yes even those I’m his girlfriend, I have to buy it off him) for a really cheap price: £50! It 4 years old now and it’s no longer use. I would use it to play the Sims 2, (I really miss playing the Sims! my computer can’t take playing it, it so damn slow) or play computer games for my nieces. Do you think it worth it? I’m saving up also for a new pc.

Mum talking about me learning to drive. I would love to learn to drive. But she wants me to learn in a manual car where I know I’m a lot more confident in an automatic car. My parent’s cars are a manual car so I have to somehow find an automatic car.
Plus lesson aren’t cheap!

I’m also on the slim fast diet. I’m not ‘fat’ ‘fat’. Well would you call someone who is 4ft10 (my height) and 7.10 stones (my weight) fat? I just need to lose the pound so I can fix into a certain dress.
Maybe I should start this journal like how Bridget Jones starts her!

Oh yeah on Monday Richard and I saw V for Vendetta. It one of the few films I seen lately (or one I been able to drag Richard to the cinema with) that’s I actually really enjoyed. I thought Natalie was superb, I did honestly. I’m not going to give any spoiler away but it got quite a sad story line within and I don’t think it really promote terrorist. See the film and tell me what you think.

For the first time ever this year I went out in the car and put on air condition! How weird is that… considering it marches! Now dad going around saying it going to snow: rolleyes: lol.

Anyway this is a very random blog today.  I’m going to go now and watch friends. ciao.

Livejournal entries

Here I am 25th Feb, 2006 at 2:26 PM

once again I’m torn into pieces can’t deny it, can’t pretend Just thought you were the one Broken up, deep inside But you won’t get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes.

That’s what playing at the moment on my ipod.

Hello, Sorry for not writing for a week! I did write a long blog on Thursday but then I went upstairs to look for something and mum sneaked on and didn’t bother opening a new window! : evil: So I lost it all.

Pets hates and things that make me mad:

1. Pointing, I hate grown adult peoples who should know better pointing: pointing at other people, at other cars, pointing cause (wow shock horror) you seen a horse. Don’t point, just say “ohhh look at that!”. I find it ever so rude. When I was in New York 2 years ago with my parents my dad was pointing at everything and naturally other people’s notice and gave us evil look, I was embarrassed and kept telling him to stop doing it.

2. Mum I know you visit here so I will put this in bold so you can read clearly ok! please opens a new window and don’t close the window when you are done! . For those who don’t follow: I let my mum use my computer but if I leave for the computer for a second to use the loo or gets a drink, she sneaked on and then take over. On Thursday I wrote a long arse blog (which I know, I know I should have it backed up) I went away and mum use the same window then closed it! I think it only polite to open a new window, and use the same window so you won’t interfere with that user work.

3. “can I check my e-mail:” My mum again. Sure you can check it, But Not when I got 10 windows open and I’m working on something. I find it ever so annoying. I don’t mind you checking your e-mail but please don’t ask when you can see I’m working!

4. Empty promises: I cannot stand when anyone makes a promise – but it’s an empty promise, i.e.: they don’t bother fulfilling it. Like that career woman who promise she help me and hasn’t done anything. Richard who promise he write a guide, tutorial helping me on vexels but hasn’t bothered (hey mate if you have time playing on Burnout surely you have time to help me!).
Please keep a full promise. Don’t upset me like that.

5. TV: My dad leaves the TV on all day long. Seriously! Have anyone ever read matilda by Roald Dahl? Well if you have you know, how the character spends all day watching TV and have TV dinner and that. Well my dad is like that. Whatever room he in he has to have the TV on! Then keep it on all day long! We can have 4 TV running at the same time but in difference room. I don’t mind it for a little while but after more of an hour – it like turn it off! I turn one TV off then he yell at me for turning it off “Hello…you not watching it!”. I myself do watch TV but I always turn it off if I’m not using it or want some peace. He does turn round to me -when I do complains about it- saying I spend all day online, ok sure I do, but I read, I create, I learn and I meet peoples from all the world. I look for jobs, I make pretty pictures, I talk and interactive with peoples and learning about the world around me. I consider the internet to be a better tool than the TV. Sure TV can be a good source of information and learning. But you only have a limited amount. With the internet you have unlimited amount of information and you always learning (plus having fun!).

*take a deep breath* I feel better after that little rant. I can’t wait to move out; I want to move out by the summer at least.


Ahhhhhhh….  1st Feb, 2006

Oh god! I just had a crappy morning. Every 2 week I have to see a career advisor, who is ‘supposed to help me get back into a job again and help I might I need etc…

f**k that!

Excuse the language. But this woman who I see I swear is bloody useless., She asked me for to e-mail my cv to her, I did about 5 time!! She said two week ago she got the e-mail and printed it off and got it in her copy. She also said she sent off a couples of cv to these jobs places she think that would suit me. As she has other client as well, i thought that was really nice of her.

She rang up my mum last week out of the blue asking is my mum received a letter from the job and career center, my mum hasn’t. She then starts asking if I’m still receiving my government job seeking money, I am. She aplogize for ringing up for no need.

I thought that was a little strange but whatever… Today I saw her and I felt so angry with her, here why:

I sat down and did our usual talk thingy (how the job hunting going, how you been and etc..). She had another woman with her this time, another career woman.

I’m trying to get into a more office based work, an office junior.

I explain all that to the new lady. She explains that most work places will only take peoples that has experience, because I had very little (an hour every Friday at a local school) experience nobody would hire me.

You must be thinking..yeah so. What got me was I been going to this career lady for about 6 month now and she promise to get me a job at an office place. It was also the way the new career lady said it, it was like ”no experience – no job.” ”you hitting a dead end love.”

I replied back that if you look at any agency windows and at any office jobs it all says ”experience, but what I want to do is start from the beginning.” Take me on and all I can do all day is either get teas and coffee or files papers away. ”

I also said I’m doing a city and guild equals course (this course cover basic knowledge of words, excel and PowerPoint, but everyone I spoke to said it will be a brililant thing to get on your cv and a better chance of a job.), They approve of that.

I then ask my career lady (the one I got to every 2 week), if she sent off my cv.

She said she Never got the e-mails or my cv!! and because of that never sent my cv off. I was like, you said 2 week ago you got my emails and printed it off and put it into your copy. I’m trying to get a job in bay trading clothing shop near where i live, she never sent them my cv. I was disappointed, she turn round and said why don’t you send in your cv. *smack head* Why didn’t i think of that! I already have sent in one (never got back to me) but i thought this career woman might help – you know give me a little bits of a push.

So basically she been no help and I’m back at the beginning…

She then starts going on about retail work, I would only consider retail work as a last resort. My last job was in retails and it was crap. I don’t really want to go back to retails (not to sound big headed but i know I’m a lot more intelligent than to work in a store). She know how i feel about that but start waffling on about it.

Thankfully her next appointment came and I could get out of there. I ran out of there and got into my mum car and cried.

You might be reading ‘well yeah so that not to bad”. It one of those thing that you have to be there to understand it. Basically this woman who promised to help me ended up not helping me.

If she didn’t get my e-mail, she got my e-mail address she could e-mail me, I e-mailed her from both my Hotmail account and Gmail account.

She also could have said 2 week ago she never got my cv and I could post one out to her. She also could give me the bay trading address and I could have sent in my cv.

I’m angry but writing this out helped me out. Ahhh the power of the ‘blog’.

Anyway what do you think of the whole situations?


I hope you have enjoyed that and I will be doing more soon.