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A month ago, we (hubby and I ) backpacked across Europe for two week. The deal was we had interrail passes and to make no real plan ie. just go where ever the wind take us. It was something we always discussed in doing so this year instead of just talking about it – we decide to do it. The whole holiday/journeying was an amazing experience and it something we will look back on with fond memories. I had a few people requesting to see my photos so for the next few weeks I will be showing you photos of my Europe journey, the places I went too and what I saw.

Our first stop was Paris, mainly because we decided to get an Eurostar train into Europe as it worked out cheaper and quicker. I’ve been to Paris so many time before so I was keen to move on quickly so we only spent a day there, our first sight-seeing stop was the louvre.

IMG_4466 IMG_4477 IMG_4481


We didn’t actually go inside the lourve, the queue was huge (I heard waiting time can be up to 4 hours) so we just stayed outside and sat down next to the fountain. As we had the day to Paris, we walked down to see the Eiffel tower. Let me tell you now – walking to the Eiffel tower is quite a long walk from the lourve. But we got to see it up close:


IMG_4515 IMG_4517

The last picture is what it look like when you walk under and point your camera up. We spent sometime here chilling on the grass and by that point my feet was hurting from walking, so we started planning on how to get out of Paris and into our next destination.

I will like to add, when we was there Paris was in a middle of a thick heat wave and the air quality was awful. I found myself at time hard to breath and when I did it was thick with pollution, rubbish bin (they have open-top rubbish bin which mean you can smell the trash) and general smog from the heat. So my advice is for people not to visit Paris in the summer time and go when the weather is a little cooler as I imagined the air quality wouldn’t be so bad.

Our next destination – the air quality was lovely! Where was it? Well tune in next week folk and find out.


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