30 Sizzling End of Summer Dresses

I know I say every year how I’m glad summer is coming to an end. Not because I’m the summer Grinch and hate all things hot – but because I’m going on holiday in the Autumn and I’m counting down the weeks and days.

I do like the longer evening, and yes, it is nice to have a little bit of the sun on your face – but come August, and I’m finding summer is just dragging on. I find myself naturally anticipated for Autumn.

Before you all groan at me and Autumn might be the last things on your mind; for me – toward the end of summer I find myself start thinking about Halloween (long-time readers will know I love Halloween and make such a big fuss about it) and how I can get my spooky groove on. Laugh all you like at me, but it true! I have found myself over the past week watching all the mysterious paranormal videos on YouTube.

Another reason why I am finding myself looking forward to the end of summer – end of season sale. August tends to be the time where all the major fashion shops have an end of summer sale. Usually, I do a big splurge and buy all the end of summer dresses, but this year I have put myself on a spending ban.

But when I do have money to burn, I do like to take advantage of those end of summer sale. I do like a bargain. Who doesn’t? But I have a nasty habit of buying the end of summer dresses with the mindset of these will look cool for next summer – and what do I do? Lose them and ended up buying more pair of clothes the following year. And as you can imagine, the cycle repeats itself where I buy the end of summer clothes – lose them and buy more the next year. No wonder my wardrobe is at breaking point.

So be a wise old owl and don’t be a shopping loony like me and do break the cycle. Take a look at these end of summer dresses and treat them as actual investment pieces which you will wear next year. Think of it as saving money in the long run.

All of these lovely ends of summer dresses is under £100, making them affordable and also are available on the high street as well as online.

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  • Tiffany
    August 8, 2019

    I love dresses and these are lovely finds! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Let me know if you are interested in doing collabs! xx

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30 Sizzling End of Summer Dresses

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