While some people consider Bohemian fashion belong to festivals and hippie protest. Me, I think different. Hence why I’m embracing my inner bohemian style.

But it true isn’t it? All you have to say to people the word: Bohemian and instantly they will think of flowers in the hair, singing by a campfire and head to toes gipsy style. I had people who think it belongs to new ages hippies smoking pots at some music festivals or an even old-school hippie from the late 60s/early 70s. Basically what I’m saying, there an image where it considers not the norm to wear bohemian style or to embrace your inner bohemian.

For me, that has always been my case. Too scared to embrace my inner bohemian. Too scared to wear a gipsy top or to wear something that isn’t the norm. Yet I don’t get judge when I wear my swing dress or even a tea dress. Why is it ok for one thing where no judgment is made, yet people will judge the heck out of you for wearing something else.

For example, in my teen/early 20s, I bought what I consider the classic bohemian dress. It was fun, floaty and has the classic flower prints. Nope wasn’t allowed to wear it. My parents wouldn’t allow it.  They were worried that by wearing a dress, I would start to mix in with the wrong crowd. In their own words, they wouldn’t let me leave the house wearing it.

I know, strange isn’t it?

Yet I have worn my swing dress a numbers of time – same with my tea dress. No problem and my parents consider me to be of those vintage girls.

It still boggles the mind that people have this idea that wearing something alter you in some strange way. You’re not you when don’t dress a certain way.

So for numbers of years, I have suppressed my inner bohemian style and became attuned to my ‘vintage’ style with 40s & 50s dresses.

If I’m honest, my husband doesn’t really care what I wear. He doesn’t care if I look like I stepped out of Grease looking like a pink ladies or I looked like a 40s style housewives. I like to think he has become numbs with all my style choices over the year and simply turn a blind eye.

Now I’m in my 30s I want to start embracing my inner bohemian style. And I’m starting with this fun yellow dress. I bought this from New Look at the end of summer and while some might consider it more of a festival summer dress.

I personally see it as an all year rounder, where you can wear it whenever you want to unleash your inner bohemian side.

What I like about this dress, apart from the beautiful embroidery; is the long sleeve. Who here prefer a dress that has a long sleeve? Yeah me too. And quite frankly, you all know I’m a sucker for anything that has embroidery on.

While I might not go as far as sitting around a campfire and be protesting about something. Or shout to the heaven about peace on earth. I will at least let myself have an open mind with an open heart. Not be consumed by what other people might think just by wearing a certain style.

I will be me and I will be embracing my inner bohemian style. Are you ready to join me?

embracing my inner bohemian style

embracing my inner bohemian style

embracing my inner bohemian style


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