embrace your inner witch

When we think of witches, we have the Hollywood version of a cranky elderly woman flying on a broomstick, with a black cat as a companion. The pointy hat and lives in a creaky run-down haunted house.

But in reality, witches are just like you and me. They fly on a plane instead of a magic broom, and they do have a black cat as a pet. However, they don’t really wear a pointy hat, and usually, their house isn’t haunted.

Yes, witches are just like us. Not the Hollywood version. But just ordinary people going about their daily lives. For all you know, you could be living next door to a witch or even have a member of your family secretly a witch. Maybe, you are even a witch yourself, and you just don’t know it.

So what makes a person a witch? 

Well, truthfully, we are all witches. You, me and even that crazy drunk guy in my area who like to yell and complain about Brexit. Yes, even he is a witch (well a crazy drunk one at that).

You might not think it, but each and everyone one of us has their own witching power. Not the boil and trouble kind where you are conjuring all kind of weird and wonderful spells around a cauldron.

But a witching power where you embrace that fierce power that is deep inside you. That moment when you just let out a big roar and (imaginary) lightning bolt shoot out of you.

That moment when you embrace your inner witch and go for it. When you have all the power in the world and nothing is going to stop you.

For me, that what makes a person a witch.

So, how do you embrace the inner witch? 

Feel the force of nature energy

And yes, I do mean Star Wars force. Be entwined with nature and feel the force of everything around you. Go outside and feel the air/wind on your skin or pick up some wild berries. Harness the energy of the elements, such as rain, wind and even snow. If you got a quiet moment and need some fresh air, then go outside in the garden, bare feet as you are indirectly connected to the earth.

Be open-minded

I believe embracing your inner witch is about being open-minded where you are open to all ideas. Listen or read ideas or stories that are outside the norm. Discover something that scares you or get you excited. Visit places where you would not normally have visited. Also, not to be afraid to experiment. Now I’m not saying you need to do anything dark – as that is your choice – but something that gives you your own power.

Reclaimed your magic by speaking up (and also not taking any crap from people)

Being an inner witch, I feel, is reclaiming that magic inside of you. When someone is being a complete bitch (to put it bluntly) or at least being aggressive, then use that magic to speak up and walk away. Remember you have that powerful roar and lightning bolt inside of you, don’t be afraid to let it out. Sadly, we can’t turn people into toads, but believe that making a lot of noise will help.


So my fellow witches, or warlock (as we should include the guys!) are you ready to embrace your inner witch?