My Dressing Table

I should warn you, this a large photo based post so I’m hoping it won’t slow down your connection or take too long to come up the screen, if it does let me know and I will try and sort something out.

Today I thought I will show you my brand new sparkling dressing table, Yay! I finally have my own dressing table, it was one off the conditions I had when we moved that I wanted my own dressing table, an area to put all my make-up, hair accessories and beauty products on. If you remember I did a beauty desk post at my old place which you can read up on here: ‘My Beauty Collections’. I had a small space to fit everything on and plus I had to share the space with my husband so I wanted my own area in my new place and I’m going to show you what I have done.

The desk itself is from Agros priced £89.99 (Stirling Dressing Table and Stool)

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The Polka Dots towers are filled to the brim off all sort off goodies!







The hair drawer, hair accessories, brush and hair spray.

Slippers, birthday cards and general bits & bobs.
Birthday cards and more bits & bobs.
This my two make-up boxes which is filled with junk. The little drawers is filled with socks and accessories.

So I hope that was ok for you, did you like it? Would you like me to do more post like these in the future. Please let me know in the comment box.



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