Dressing for the Classy 30s Woman

Dressing glamorous for your age once you’ve turned 30 can be tricky. There’s a fine line between choosing clothes to make you look younger and clothes that will make you look forever 30s.  So, for how to look every inch the 30s classy woman and to keep your youthful style, here’s a guide using the Jacques Vert range at John Lewis.


Firstly, once you’re past your 20s, don’t let your hemline get higher as your age does. After all, would you really want those cringy bikini cellulite pictures to appear in the family photo album? Now I’m not saying you should hide your pins altogether, you can still go ahead and show off some legs, but a rule of thumb is to keep it to a couple inches above the knees or you can rock out on the maxi skirt.  Here’s a collection of Jacques Vert skirts to give you some inspiration so you can still look every inch the feminine woman you want to be.



1.  Chiffon Skirt, Black £59

2.  Rose Print Skirt, Purple £29

3. Oriental Print Skirt, Black £49

Brushstroke Print Skirt, Purple £39

The next thing you need to know is that your neckline should get higher. A thought you may not want to enter your mind, but with age some women may start to, putting it delicately, lose some shape. For some women gravity starts to take its toll, it’s embarrassing to think about it but by investing in a good push-up bra you’ll be back to perky self. None the less, women in their 30s should avoid the extra low plunging v neck with more cleavage on display than Katie Price’s glamour costumes. Fear not, because Jacques Vert has some lovely tops that will keep you modest and on trend.



1. Rose Print Blouse, Purple £29

2. Embroidered Top, Purple Wine £49

3. Oriental Print Blouse, Black £49

4. Ladder Stitch Blouse, Black £29

Don’t think that now you are in your 30s you can’t have fun dressing in what you did in your 20s and now need to completely ignore high street trends, you just need to add a little touch of the classy side. Look at the Duchess of Cambridge for example, she has been highly praised by the fashion press for looking classy while also dressing according to high street trends. While you lose a little of your 20s self as you age, Jacques Vert at John Lewis can give you high street trends while making you look classy. A quick tip is to add a nice piece of jewellery to your classy look, it always does the trick.



1. Floral Print Dress, Black £99

2. Starry Night Bead Dress, Black £139

3. Polka Dot Tea Dress, Oyster/Wine £69

4. Vivid Floral Print Dress, Black/Red £99

The classic look is forever, so when in your 30s try investing in ‘’timeless pieces’’ that will stand the test of time and ones that you can pull out when needed for almost any occasion. The key here is quality over quantity, so instead of buying some cheap dress, buy one you know won’t wear and tear and will be a keeper in time to come, like ones from the Jacques Vert collection  at John Lewis.

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