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Dove shampoo and conditioner

Dove Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Once again I’m having hair problems. This time I’m on the mission to find the right shampoo and conditioner. Today I’m reviewing the Dove shampoo and conditioner.

Well more specifically the Dove oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner. I’ve always been a massive fan of the Dove range. For me, I personally think they can do no wrong. I never had a skin irritation or a bad reaction.

This could be due to how Dove have always been dubbed as being ‘perfect PH balanced’’. What this mean is how the skin react to soapy products. Any healthy skin has a PH score off between 4.5 – 5.5, keeping in mind this score – this where it can get a little confusing. When using traditional soapy products, their PH is about a 9 which make it too alkaline. But Dove ‘perfect PH balance’ products is estimated to be about a 7, which is consider a neutral level but still to alkaline.

It a little confusing to get your head around. You can read more about the PH levels and alkaline here. I remember back in primary school (about 20 odd years ago now – how scary!) doing a science experiment on Dove soap and looking into PH levels.

That little school project always stuck in my mind and that why I’ve always been more favorable to Dove products.

Over the past week I have been trying out this Dove shampoo and conditioner: Dove oxygen moisture.

Dove shampoo and conditioner

Products Details:

Did you know? You do not have to choose between moisture and volume.

Oxygen &; Moisture is a new Dove generation using Oxyfusion Technology. This range, made with lightweight oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients, moisturises flat, limp hair while adding up to 95% more volume. * Our Shampoo instantly dissolves on your hair. It gently cleanses & moisturises every day, breathing life into fine, flat hair. Enjoy beautifully bouncy and moisturised hair, full of natural volume.

*Hair freshly washed with Dove Oxygen & Moisture shampoo versus sebum-treated hair.”

Read more here.

My first impression was that I really liked the packaging – it looks shiny and clean. As I mentioned many time before – I have thick long lumpy boring hair. It’s a lifetime mission to find the perfect hair products that’ll suit me.

This promise to breath oxygen into the hair and to give me 95% more volume. Big promises – so before using this I had high exaptation.

When you squeeze out the Dove shampoo and conditioner, you will see it almost a clear transparent colour and it doesn’t have a perfume smell either. Which is a blessing as I hate using perfumery shampoo and conditioner in my hair.

It lathers nicely in the hair – it doesn’t thicken up or get so bubbly it will then get into my eyes. I always wash my hair with two shampoo and then finish with a conditioner. A hairdresser once told me that the first shampoo gets rid of the dirt while the second actually clean the hair. It always stuck me that little piece of advice so that my washing hair routine.

Once I completed my washing hair routine, I rinsed it out and blow dried it. I always find my hair have somehow clamped together and got into a big knot. So I then have to spend 30 mins trying to brush out the knots.

Once I dried and brushed my hair, did I notice that 95% volume which was promised to me.

My answer is, yes I did. The Dove shampoo and conditioner cleanses my hair very well. It added that 95% volume and made my have a health shine. My hair after usage didn’t look flat or lumpy. I found my hair to also be more manageable.

Overall this is a great addition to the Dove shampoo and conditioner range. I think this suit all hair types and I think you will also be pleasantly surprised.

Try it today.


Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing.


  • I somewhat regularly use the Dove bar, but haven’t used their shampoo or conditioner in ages. I could always use more oxygen and more volume in my hair. My hair has been chemically damaged far too many times from all the dying, highlighting. magic straight perms, and more!

    20th February 2017
  • Sounds brilliant. I remember testing the acidity of things using litmus paper as well!

    20th February 2017
  • I haven’t seen this one in the store. ALways looking for something else. My hair gets used to things and then doesn’t feel right til I get something different. Keep having to switch.

    20th February 2017
  • I love the Dove dry shampoo! One of my faves!

    20th February 2017
  • I love Dove.

    20th February 2017
  • Thanks for linking to ‘The Sunday Standard’ at my blog Lunch Break this week

    much love…

    20th February 2017
  • I’ve always loved Dove products but haven’t tried this out. My hair is kind of limp and sad, so I would definitely benefit from more volume – thanks for the recommendation!

    20th February 2017
  • I love Dove; I have to check these awesome products and try them for myself!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    20th February 2017
  • Dove is one of my fav brands!

    20th February 2017
  • Wow! First of, this blog post is difficult to comment on, because . . . I’ll be honest – I’m not so fan of Dove (sorry) because I have tried it before and I guess my hair doesn’t match the chemicals on it. I love their conditioner though.

    But! For this new product, I’m not sure yet – let me see if it is already out here in Abu Dhabi markets and try it on.

    I’m happy that you’re a match Anna!

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne <3

    20th February 2017
  • Do you know if Dove has a line of products suitable for dry, curly hair?
    As wonderful as this product review sounds, I definitely don’t want a 95% increase in volume. 😛

    Just wondering. Thanks. 🙂

    20th February 2017
  • Megan

    Oh cool! I’ve never tried this one., I’m with you on not liking anything too strong smelling, I prefer light products that also gives volume, so this sounds great. Do you know if Dove tests on animals? That’s usually the first thing I look for when buying a new product 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    20th February 2017
  • kirstin morabito

    Dove products have always been among my favorite for hair and body wash.

    20th February 2017
  • I am such a Dove fan!! I have been using their products for years! The smell is enough to keep me 🙂

    20th February 2017
  • I haven’t used Dove products as much but I will have a look into it and try it out after reading your review x

    21st February 2017
  • Thanks for the review. I use Dove soap/body wash but I have never tried hair products. Maybe I’ll give this a go myself.

    21st February 2017
  • I have used Dove hair products, and they really are awesome!

    21st February 2017
  • This sounds like a great shampoo! I’m always looking for new shampoos to try.

    21st February 2017
  • Dove has always been one of my favorite beauty brands. It’s the only soap I can use and it leaves my skin so soft. I can’t wait to give these hair products a try!

    21st February 2017
  • It’s always hard to find just the right set of shampoo and conditioner. A brand like Dove is very trusted and can be found mostly anywhere, which is great!

    21st February 2017
  • I’ve never considered Dove for my hair as I only use their soap, which is really nice by the way. Good to know that their hair products are good as well.

    21st February 2017
  • I’ve been meaning to try these and your review just helped me made my mind up and buy the, x

    21st February 2017
  • Thanks for the great review. I’ve been using dove for as long as I can remember! xx

    21st February 2017
  • I have been using Dove soap for ages and didn’t realize they also carried shampoo and conditioner. I love their packaging. I need to give this a try 🙂

    21st February 2017
  • Was it very moisturising? I need something that will work on my really dry hair (mostly at the ends)

    21st February 2017
  • I like that you know WHY these products work – I definitely like to look into these things before I get tricked by marketing speak too!

    22nd February 2017
  • what a great review I have a friend that can truly use this bit of boost in her hair will be sharing with her this post
    come see us at

    22nd February 2017
  • I’ve always been a fan of Dove, but I tend to use their soaps more than their hair wash. Looks like I’ll have to give this a try! x

    22nd February 2017
  • Andrea Broom

    I like dove’s body wash but haven’t tried the shampoo and conditioners yet.

    22nd February 2017
  • I also trust dove! Haven’t tried this shampoo and conditioner but sounds great!

    22nd February 2017
  • I really like Dove products. Need to try this line out as I desperately need some volume in my hair!

    22nd February 2017
  • Based on your review, I need to go out and buy this. My hair is thinning (and getting worse the older I get!) and it’s definitely lacking volume . Thanks for highklghting a product that actually works!

    22nd February 2017
  • It’s good to know that these products delivered on their promise. I too have that dilemma between shine and volume, finding that many products can make my hair limp and heavy rather than keeping the volume. I’ll have to try the Dove products soon! Thanks for linking with us at #SnappedUp

    23rd February 2017
  • Dove for the win! I have been using dove shampoo, hair mousse and whitening soap for the past 3 years and they are awesome.

    24th February 2017
  • I have horrid hair troubles too – I am going to have to look for this and try it!

    26th February 2017
  • Amazing!! I kinda have the same hair as you so maybe next time I will get this pack and try it!! I love Dove products as well, the basic shower cream and their deodorant are products I never miss✌?

    9th March 2017
  • I LOVE Dove, too! I use their bar soap as my daily face wash and I have pretty nice skin! A rep for a specific beauty care line in my area almost dropped dead when I told her I use bar soap on my face 🙂

    9th February 2018
  • Great review Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

    11th February 2018

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