Do you ever wake up and feel like your path in life is already decided? Sometimes I feel like that; I find my asking: Does the universe have a message for me? And if so what is it?

A few weeks ago I bought some tarot cards, Yes, I know what you’re going to say: I shouldn’t believe in such hocus pocus and it all fake and none of it real. But let me finish.

So I bought some tarot cards for fun, thinking nothing of it. If I’m honest It always fun to have a tarot card reading but they can be bloody expensive. My thinking was that if I bought some tarot cards, then it would be cheaper and I can do it in the privacy of my home.

Does the universe have a message for me

I said this before, but I love having tarot cards/psychics reading. For me it a spoiler alert of my future. I mean who doesn’t want to know what their future hold. It goes without saying that I don’t use it to find the winning lottery number (now that would be nice!) – but more of being prepared for an unexpected surprise.

Last year I went to see this lady, a psychics medium. Yeah, I know you all rolling your eyes at me but this seriously got strange. So I went to see this lady on the insisted of my friend; my friend met her and was spellbound by her, So I wanted to see whether I’d be the same.

I went to see this lady and I sat down on her couch. No money has been exchanged – she told me that she doesn’t do for the money but for the love of helping people (now an honest psychics medium – that’s a first!). She let me get comfortable and then she began her reading.

Over the course of the hour – it was my turn to be spellbound. This woman knew stuff about me that I never told her. She of course could look me up online and found this here site but when booking she only wanted my first name ‘Anna’, not my last. So she would not really have any clue on knowing who I was.

This woman knew I went to a boarding school, knew I had two dogs that passed away. She also knew little things about me – that I never told anyone. The whole experience was surreal and very very spooky.

That whole experience from last year with that lady really left me with a lasting effect. She told me of my past, present and future. And it was the future part which left speechless. Not going to say what she told me, but its nothing bad. But it has made me think and it what has lead me to buy those tarot cards.

Anyway, I brought tarot cards and brought it home. Waited for my husband to engross with something before start doing it – or otherwise, I’d get a lecture from him and how it all fake and phoney.

I spent a good 10-15 minutes shuffling the cards and not really thinking about it. I think by that point all the cards were in no particular order.

Kids, this is where it gets weird. I start dealing the cards and got 4-5 particular cards. I did my reading and I felt it was pretty accurate on what is happening in my life.

Put the cards back and got on with my day.

Then the next day came and I decided to do another reading with my tarot cards. Spent another 10-15 minutes shuffling the cards not really thinking about it. Guess what – those 4-5 cards appeared again. My first thought, oh great I didn’t shuffle them enough.

So I redid it, gave it a good shuffle. Laid out my cards, yup you guessed it – those cards appeared again.

By this point, I was ‘huh’, what going on here? I put the cards away and not think about it for another day.

Then the next day came and I thought I would try again. I don’t suppose I need to tell you what happens. Yup those damn cards again.

Does the universe have a message for me

Oh my god!

By this point, I sat back and it kind of clicked in my brain that maybe the universe (or whatever) is trying to give me a message. And I’m only just realizing it now.

If it is giving me a message – what is it? Does fate honestly have a message for me? Am I being too stupid in not picking it up and understanding what it means?

I mean when those things happen, it not like getting news from the TV or from your phone. You have to look for signal and signs.

Like for example, every home or places we (Richard and I) ever owned or lived in – has the number 4 somewhere. Yeah, seriously. It either in house number or in the postcode.

What is that supposed to mean?

I know some of you will say, fate is still undecided and only you change it. There no fate in life and the future is still undecided. But what if it is already?

What if our future is already set and there is only one path in life? We can’t go backwards – only forward in life.

My mum always was always telling me when I was younger that, ‘you are put on the planet for reason’.

If so, let’s be honest – the reason isn’t always cleared. Fate, after all, mean a development of events outside a person control.

I’d admit it leaving me completely puzzled. I suppose I do believe our future is set and there only so much you can do to change it. I’m not talking Sarah Conner’s Terminator changing judgment day here.

If that the case, what does it all mean for me?

This has left me completely puzzled and it also left me even more puzzling questions. Is fate trying to show me my destiny?

Does the universe have a message for me? I find myself repeating this and can’t help but wonder what it is.

Only time will tell if I pick up the signals. But judging from those tarot cards. Changes are coming and hopefully, it will be all good.

Has anything ever happen to you where you feel you are getting a message from the universe.