There seem to be more and more couples that are now looking at destination weddings as a way to control wedding costs. In most destination wedding, it does actually work out to be less expensive to run off into sunset and to get married next to crashing wave than a stay at home wedding at your local church.

The big part of the wedding overseas come from the facts that the guests typically will pay their own way, leaving the wedding couples to pay for their own hotel and the ceremony package. The guest does seem to self-limited as only those nearest to the bride and groom be willing to spend the money to travel so it a big plus you don’t have to invite a family member you only ever met once.

Wherever you decide on the destination, it does pay to work with an industry travel professional who will help you pull it all together. They will advise you on the right destination, counsel on marriage destinations and book the accommodations. The travel professional counsel will help you make it stress-free, so you and your husband-to-be can focus on more important details, such as which cocktails to order.

Still undecided on having a destination wedding? Or it could be you have decided by still not sure where to go, then here a 3 destination wedding ideas:

Las Vegas


While running away to Las Vegas might seem like a tacky ideas for some, it can certainly leave you and your groom an impressible tale to tell when you’re older. Where else can you get married with an Elvis impersonator in a drive-thru chapel, then after worth celebrate by playing some blackjacks, or flying in a hot air balloon over the gran cannon. While Las Vegas might seem romantic, it will be entertaining and they offer wedding package for all budgets.



If a golden sun and sand under your toes is your thing, then an Antigua wedding might be your cup of tea. Under Caribbean sun you can say your vow and then celebrate after worth with run cocktails and picturesque view. It can a secluded getaway and provide an exotic atmosphere and a memorable experience, it also something you as a married couple can visit for anniversary in years to come.



It the birth place of la dolce vita (the sweet life), a phrase many Italian favored. It a countries of ancient history, abundant wine and top-notch cuisine. Italy is home to diverse landscape, Alps, Mediterranean beaches and vineyards. This is a refreshing perspective for a destination wedding as from the preparation of fresh pasta to the hand-marbled fountains that center the piazzas. The Italians are happy to share a slice of the good life with all who visit.

Would you ever have a destination wedding, and if so where would it be?