This fashion shopping post is to benefits all my US readers, as I have found the cutest dresses on Modcloth.

Recently I had a comment saying, ‘’it all well and good doing clothes shops from the UK – but what about me who don’t live over there.’’ –  this commenter does have a point so your wish is my command.

I think when you looking online it’s very easy to only stick to shops which you know. I’m guilty of it and sometime it hard to break away from your comfort zone.

Which is why I’m showing this US clothes retailer: Modcloth. I have been loving Modcloth for so many years! I remember when they first started out and only had a few items and a small blog. At the time, a few years ago there wasn’t so many vintage stores online – not like the influx with have now. So this online store kind of stood out on its own.

I fell in love with their quirky tea dresses and unusual prints on clothes. I love their motto and how at the time – there nothing quite like it online.

As much as I like them – I never brought anything from them. There’s a small problem: It really expensive to shipped to the UK. And also a pain in the ass to get a refund and for the actual items to go through custom.

Hence why I think this store would benefit more for my US readers. I mean there got to be at least one of my lovely readers who also love quirky fashion and unusual prints.

If you are that person then I have picked the cutest dresses on Mocloth, which I know you’re going to love.

Don’t fear my UK readers, you can order any of them online – and get it shipped. Just be aware of shipping charge and custom problems.

Enough with the talk: here are the cutest dresses on Modcloth.

the cutest dresses on ModclothAssuredly Sweet Fit and Flare Dress

the cutest dresses on ModclothEbullient Energy Babydoll Dress in Navy

the cutest dresses on ModclothLooking to Tomorrow Mini Dress in Rouge

the cutest dresses on ModclothGenuine Genius Halter Shirt Dress in Island

the cutest dresses on ModclothAglow in the Moment A-Line Dress

the cutest dresses on ModclothStylish Synchronicity Fit and Flare Dress

the cutest dresses on Modcloth. Short-Sleeved Floral Babydoll Dress

the cutest dresses on Modcloth. Broadcast Coordinator Sleeveless Shirt Dress in Horse


(Disclosure: There are a affiliate links here, but these items is something I highly recommend. I would never put anything on this page that I personally wouldn’t recommend.)