I know I haven’t been here and yes, I know, there is nothing more annoying when a blogger starts a blog post stating they haven’t been here. But I’m here now, and I just wanted to do a short blog post on the current state on here and to put thoughts to the poll.

Life is busy for me right now. There genuinely not enough hours in the day or enough time for me to do everything. Which is annoying as I feel I always need to everything. I wish I can clone myself and have my Robot-me do everything for me. Which is a nice and also scary thoughts, I mean, who would want an invasion of Anna Robots?

Anyway, moving on. As I’m now running around like a headless chicken, I redesigned this blog to be more of a photography blog. For the moment, it easier to share my photos than to write a blog post, and I still like to document and share what I have been up to. I might not always write a blog post, but I will try and share more photos on here.

That not to say I won’t blog, because I will. But it might be more erratic and less often as I don’t always have the time to sit down and write one. I also will be here as I’m still online 24/7 – so you are welcome to message me anytime if you need any advice.

Which does bring me to my point. The Anna Nuttall Bloggers Links-Up is dwindling, and I’m getting less and fewer bloggers linking up. I hate to disappoint people who genuinely use my links-up, so I’m bringing this to a vote:

Do you want me to continue with bloggers links-up – say ay!

If you don’t use it or not have many benefits from it and think, I should drop it – say na!

(comment down below what you think.)

That is me right now. Of course, any downtime I do have I then got to attend to my man-child, i.e., my husband. And also catch up on my sleep.

So, folks, that is the current state of the blog for the moment. If you have any suggestion, then I will be happy to hear them.