As I keep mentioning, I have been blogging for a really long time. Over the years I had nicknames, domains, and even an old Livejournal. Today I’m cringing at my old livejournal.

I found it the other day and I have to say, it made me so happy to see it again. I also felt pleased that it never got deleted or my account got taken away for not using it.

What am I talking about? Well back in the day when people were starting to catch on with this whole blogging business, there was livejournal. A free community where you can easily write a new blog entries and have people from other journal comments and share your posts. Back in the day I was addicted to this, sometime updating two or three times a day. It was very popular and it had quite a big community.

There was a period of time in my life in my early 20s, when I writing in this that I was unemployed and I had no idea what to do with my life. I also lived at home with my parents and Richard (who was my boyfriend at the time – now my husband) moved in with us.

I stopped writing in this once I got a full-time job at my old retail job. You know, real life soon started to take over. I also eventually brought a domain and wrote in there instead – only for the whole thing to be hacked and making me lose everything!

Anyway, I decided to share some of my old entries and for the next few weeks that what I’m going to do. I’m opening this up and sharing it with you guys. Who would you like a little nosy look at the younger livejournal me? Off course you do and when I was reading this the other day, I was properly cringing at myself. Who was that person? And that person needed a hug – badly!

This week shows entries of me just starting my retail job and going about with my life.

Enjoy and please excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes.


*Phew* February 02 2008

What a week! *phew* Thanks god it Saturday. You see my week ends on a Saturday night and start again on Monday, so yeah I get Sunday off. Fun Fun fun. But work has been busy and I feel like I kind of let you all down by me not posting daily *oops sorry*. I’m here now.

I promise myself I wouldn’t post my first proper blog entry about some rant at work or some girl annoying me but then I thought sod it so I will rant about it. Now I’m sitting here, I don’t want to, I’m having a change of heart, I don’t want a whole blog filled with work rant.

On to other business: I’m having a little bit of a dilemma. I can’t decide what to do about Sunday, I’m having 3 options:

1) Stay at home, be a total geek and flog my clothes on ebay to raise that extra bit of money.

2) Wake up early and go to the gym and having a morning swim, be really knacked after worth and ends having a meal at a pub.

3) Go up to central London and go to John Lewis department store and use some vouchers I have – which will go toward a new ipod I really want or wait till next month.

Part of me thinks I should go with 2) but my heart is kind of into going up to central London. But then again I also want to save my money because I know I won’t have enough to last me the month. Doing 1) is looking lovely but I know I just be really fed up and there no guaranteed anyone would want to buy my crap.

Another reason I’m having this dilemma is, some friends of mine are going on a 4 month ‘worldwide’ holiday trip (lucky bitches), and there a leaving drinks and club after worth.

Now the drinks I can handle – but going to a club after worth, hmm that what I can’t decide.

I have a mild case of social anxiety, I’m really shy and I find really hard to talk to someone. I’m trying to fight it; I’m trying to be more confident. My worried is that if I agree to go to this club (which isn’t that far from home but it still a journey) I be left out in the cold, from what I heard loads of peoples are going but my worried is that they would all ignore me or go off with someone else. I feel like it a little outside my little bubble.

Plus, I heard even getting in really expensive, I don’t even want to think about how much drinks would cost. And how would I get home, last time I went out to a club -taxi fare was stupidly expensive.

Do I really want to spend all that money and anxiety on one night? But then I don’t want to let my friends down. I can’t decide – I really can’t.

Plus, the money I would use if I do decide to go out, I could use to enjoy a night meal or a DVDs with my boyfriend and buy a new ipod.

Advice peoples.

Anyway I hears keys turning into the locks so yay! My boyfriend home. Catch you guys later….

cringing at my old livejournal

Aug. 8th, 2007

Well my states of mind anyway…

Judging by my last post entry, I was in a very bad mood. I was angry with work more than anything else. I was annoyed how someone has this attitude with me all last week and I was generally was unhappy, Its all came to head one day and I just felt terrible when I came home. I thought the best way to express how I felt was by writing and I have to admit I did feel a lot better after worth.

I think I feeling like I’m stuck in a mud right now. I’m planning to go to college/uni next year and right now I’m feeling like I’m not progressing at work and wanting a year to go by so I can do my college/uni course.

Its a little light at the end of a tunnel for me which I’m hoping the light will get bigger as the month go on…

I’m also annoyed as I can’t find a decent wordpress layout for here! If anyone know of a pretty wp layout/themes let me know! and yes! I have been all through Google thank you!!


Sweet word of mine. Apr. 1st, 2007

I’m seriously and utterly Bored!! Ok I had a week off work, I have played on computer games till the early hours of the morning, read every books on my book self, baked half a dozens of cakes and shopped too much.

Now I’m Bored. Can’t find a themes that I like on lj now. I want to get a paid account but it now $5 a month. I actually just been having fun read all my old entries on here – damn I use to be such a ljholic, i would write about the most random and stupid shit. I need to do more of that – write random shit lol.

While reading an old entries, i realized i forgot to enter last year. I enter 2005, didn’t complete my story but i made a promise to myself i would finish – 2 years later i still hasn’t. I promise i will complete my story this year. is really pissing me off, well the ftp part. It doesn’t seem to want to connect, Grrrrr i really want to start up misscutie again.

I need to rejoin bebedawl board, i do that today. I miss the olf folks 😉

Blah i’m still bored. I could watch the devil wear prada i suppose. *shrug*

So have you got any news of gossip?


I’m too lazy for my own good. Mar. 25th, 2007

At lot of peoples at work ask me

“so Anna, what do you do in your free time?”,

I trend to shrug and say

“not much, sleep, eat, drink and play too much computer games.”

That isn’t very active is it. Heh.

No it isn’t, and I have to admit it does depress me a little. I know I do need a hobby, a hobby to enjoys after work. Playing on computer games all day isn’t simulating, it doesn’t get the brain ticking. Before working full-time i use to say ‘writing’ was a hobby, an activity to get those clock in my brain ticking.

So hence, this is why I’m writing today, if i can write one post then i have overcome this hurdle. I would want to write more and then find activity to keep me interested.

I also giving up the idea of a ‘blog magazine’ for now as least (gotta take it one step as time.). So now i’m just going to have a normal blog, a Personal blog, where i write crap and write whatever crap come into my head.

Also I missed giving out my url address to peoples – kinda like a business card.

Right then. what been the bizz with me.

Out partying and drinking too much…

Naaa… not really, but having said that my store does have very often ‘night-out’, the Tuesday of last week there was a ‘AGM’ which has a presentation from some top manager of my company then free food and a disco afterworth. Needless to say I didn’t drink too much. No i didn’t! Honest. Don’t listen to anyone at work.

I am addicted to final fantasy xll, i would play on it 4-5 hrs straight. I’m a real big geek!! the graphic i think is superb and the games itself is good fun – Buuut the story is a little lame and it a bit annoying level up your character.

I am planning on buying ps3 sometime soon.

Moving on….

I dyed my hair dark redish with ginger/blonde highlight. I would show pictures but having computer problems.

Computer problem, too many to say but I’m very lucky I’m able to type this out without it crashing.

My 5 usb port all refuse to work, restart for no reason, sometime won’t let me go online….

When it not working and I’m bored with computer I now trend to read books. Re-reading Sweet valley high by francine pascal because i miss my old teen books.

I’m still with Richard by the way, he still somehow fixes into this little routine. Did i mention we now have a flat together? No. well I just did.

Don’t want to go into details.

That pretty much summed it all up folks. Anyway nice chatting to you and i hope this be the first of many new posts/ blog entries.



The Wheel of life.  Jul. 24th, 2006

Ahhh my life is a routine. It like an endless wheel that keep turning over and over again.

I wake up, go to work – do anything from 6 hrs shift to an 10 hrs shift. Come home, spend lovely quality time with fella ♥, we then cook food and then before bed we watch a dvds.

Weekend I either go shopping or stay at home and play with my doggys.

That it.

Not that I’m complaining. Much. It just…i don’t know i miss waking up and spending my endless lazy day with richy. The job I’m doing is a little boring. But the money is good.

I will not complains. I’m start to make friends now which is nice, not friends but you know peoples to chat to in the canteen. So I can’t really complain.

Oh I’m miss spending my days with richy but my manager (who is really sweet) book me to work some weekend so i get day off during the week – Yay! 🙂

I will not complain; I must keep telling myself that.

I might book an appointment to the hairdresser this weekend. I want to colour my hair either a light purple or a dull blonde :/

I dunno i now hit a mental block. I really lost a lot of motivation since working both offline and online.

I don’t like it one bit.

I really am in love with Tori Amos ‘beekeeper’ album. My fave album on my ipod. Oh and Sandi Thom as well.


I hoped you enjoyed this and I shall be doing some next week.