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Company Magazine fashion Forum 2013// London

by Anna Nuttall

Last Thursday I went to a special evening with Company Magazine for an evening of panels within the fashion industry giving advice on how to work in fashion. The panels include:

  • Kathryn Kenny – New Look – Senior Digital Content Manager
  • Nicola Panayiotou – New Look – Senior PR Officer
  • Victoria White – Company Magazine’s Editor
  • Oonagh Brennan – Company’s Associate Editor Fashion
  • Angela Scanlon – TV Presenter/Stylist
  • Emily Johnston – Blogger at Fashion Foie Gras
The talks lasted about half an hour and then it switch to open questions from the audience. The really summaries of advice that I gather from the whole evening is:
  • Internship – but consider it training not unpaid work
  • blog – start a fashion blog
  • Get some sort of qualification within the field you want to work in.
For me I knew those sort of thing already from studying fashion so the evening gave me nothing new, however it was nice to know while you was there that everyone is/was/sort of in the same boat as you and want all the same aspiration.
Anyway no evening would be complete without a goody bag:
It was a really good selection of items in the bag, sunglasses, nails tattoo, voucher, lipgloss, dry shampoo and  cleanser oil.
I was happy I went, however I been there and brought the t-shirt so my advice would be next time they do another one, i post it on here and if you are students or not sure what to do then I would say GO.
*Sorry for the fuzzy pictures from inside the panels, my camera phone been playing me up lately. 

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1 comment

Inez 16th April 2013 - 9:46 am

Even though you didn’t gain any new information, its nice to network and get a goodie bag :), xoxo.


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