winter candles

There is something quite comforting about having candles within the home on a cold damp winter day. No matter what, there is always the comfort of winter candles to welcome you home.

While advent is long gone and most people attribute candles to a religious holiday. I always think of candles as a winter home comfort décor. That flicker of light that welcomes you and gives you the safety and security of being at home.

Before electricity was invented, the only source of lights for the home was a candle. As soon as the sun went down, someone would go throughout the home lighting the candles to provide a little bit of light to cook foods or to read.

In ancient time, people would put candles in the window to ward off evil spirit, it was also a sign that weary travellers were welcome to board for the night. While during the war of roses and even in modern wartime, the army would light bacon to tell people who were trapped that there a place of safety to hide in.

Candles have much historical symbolic meaning and while many of these meaning is now lost; they haven’t lost their comfort in welcoming you home.

Lighting a winter candles is a ritual for when you stepped through the door on a cold damp night. The knowledge that the outside world is no longer a problem, the only thing that is important is being within the safe confine of the home.

Lighting a winter candles is when you want your body and soul to relax, letting all the stress unwinds and dissolve. This can be by taking a bath or meditating in a quiet corner.

While most people would choose fairy lights over candles now, that not to say winter candles hasn’t lost their popularity. There is something new and old with having candles in the home. It might be something that has been passed down by previous generations, its something that will never fade and wouldn’t be forgotten over time. Despite technology/lighting advances, people still will use the basic winter candles to light their way.

When life brings you down, work is being rubbished and the train are a nightmare. Just put a little through inside your mind and tell yourself that there is always the comfort of winter candles to welcome you home.