Last weekend I went out to meet up with some people, this is an unusual occurrence for me as I’m socially awkward and very shy. I’m not a great people person. However I thought I would make an effort and it always good fun dressing up –that the part for me I find the most fun – but then bad luck happen. The hot water wasn’t working and the engineer couldn’t come till Monday! Omg panic station what do I do? I needed to wash my hair and make myself smell of roses (why do people say that, I honestly don’t like the smell of roses?). Naaa in all honestly I was kind of pleases that I had a bath the day before so hygienically wise I was fine and I smelt of some Lush bath bomb (I’m sure you really wanted to know that!) – However my hair wasn’t great.

My hair get very oily and greasy really easily and it’s a pain in the back side, the problem is as I’ve mentioned before that it really long and thick and I often find I can never do anything with my hair. So massive hair dilemma!

Luckily I notice there was not hot water in the morning so I thought the only solution was to call a hairdresser for an emergency blow dry, bingo they was able to fit me in that morning. So I had my hair washed and got chatting to the hairdresser and I happen to mentioned that I was going out and he offer to style my hair, so thought hey why not. So I asked him to do a french plait as I can’t do them and I don’t know anyone who could, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.



The result was this ^ taa daaa. The hairdresser thought it would be festive and fun to add some ribbon to my hair – I thought it would make me look like a 12 years old girl but I was too polite to say no and it did kind of look a little festive.

He then covered my hair in hair spray which gave the hair the shiny greasy look – oh well. I still liked it and I had compliment all through that evening.

The next day I ended up washing my hair again (as hair spray really make my hair really sticky) but this time I had to use the gym shower. The hot water came back on Monday.


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