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Christmas Gifts Ideas for Bloggers

by Anna Nuttall

If you are planning on starting blogging in the new year’s, but not sure where to start or if you will need anything to help you get started. Well, help is at hand, as I have a few Christmas gifts ideas for bloggers.

If your 2019 new year resolution is to start a blog, and you’re stuck on what to do first, well my friends you are in the right place. As I not only have a wealth of blog topics here to help you get started, but I have a few ideas that will help you out.

For any newbie bloggers, it can be a daunting experience, learning about blogging; so that is why I got your covered. I hopefully have selected a few Christmas gifts that will help you get started.

Or it can be the other way around, where you might know a newbie blogger who is thinking about starting a blog, but kind-of stuck; Well why don’t you help her/him out.

Another perspective, if you are thinking or just started going full-time blogging (looking at you LC!) and feel like your drowning with so much to do, well here a few Christmas gifts ideas, you can ask Santa for this year.

Overall, if you are either a newbie or thinking of going full-time blogging. Here are a few Christmas gifts ideas for bloggers.


Buying a journal for a blogger is always a good idea as then they can start planning all the contents they want to start writing. It also a good idea to keep a journal to stop having writer block.

Books on blogging:

Blogging can be challenging to master, but this is why it good to have a guide to help you on your way. My advice for any newbie bloggers, to read everything you come across and take it all in.

Photos Props:

If you also want to master photography and to want to take some pretty photos for your blog, then it a good idea to have a few pictures of props.

Office Décors:

Are you planning on turning the spare bedroom into a blogging studio? Then it might be nice to get a few office decors.

Random Items:

A few random items that might not fit anywhere, but they’re still fun to have.


Those were my Christmas gifts ideas for bloggers, let me know if this has helped you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (

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