Happy Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying the festive season: we are – as it has been nice to step away from the computer and to actually enjoy real life and to have real conversations, as I have spent way to much time talking to people over the internet this past year and not enough one to one human interaction. If Richard were here, he’d be going on and on about virtual reality and AI. 

Anyway Christmas day was spent at my parents house, to be honest it was spent staring at the TV screen at my parent house. So much for real human interaction. There was delicious food:



Oh man, how do you wish there was smello-vision! If I could I would eat that all over again. But then again it wouldn’t be good for my waist-line. See I told you we have Yorkshire pudding with our Christmas meal.

In the effort to get human interaction and to turn of the frickin TV, I brought my parents some board game so we played snakes & ladder.


I came last and It was Richard who won. Soon enough the TV was back on, since my parents have retired they now spend their entire day watching Sky News or read the newspaper. I brought both of my parents books in the effort to stop them watching TV all the frickin time.

My parents did have a very cool Christmas tree:

Rotation Christmas tree at my parents house. How cool! #christmastree #christmas #socool

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Overall it wasn’t such a bad day, I would have liked not to have the TV on but I did have some mulled wine to drink all day. Here are some christmassy picture of Richard and I:



Tell me, how was your Christmas day?



What do you think?

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  • Becster
    December 26, 2015

    Ahh yokrshire puds – we had some as well! The food looks amazing! Sounds like a great Christmas! Love the rotating Christmas tree!

  • Anna Nuttall
    December 27, 2015

    Hi Becster, I hoped you had a lovely Christmas. xx

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